Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Troubles in Composing Funny Lines;-)

Enough writing for today.
I have never realized , how hard it is to write funny stories, or  at least somefunny parts.
And another great insight- I have never written a humorous piece before.
Firstly, at school, where all my previous writing took place, I had to write essays, summaries,...but never a piece of writing , where humour was essential.
Secondly, I have started to "write" more than a year ago- so not enough time to get experienced in jolly writing. But I need funny parts in my draft!!!
But all the characters have to get through their hard lives, no time for fun.
Well, there would be some space that could be filled with great jokes, funny moments-- but I have no idea how to write these funny lines.
Wait for tomorrow´s flash of inspiration.

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