Saturday, December 11, 2010

Playing time!

Finally! My friends and I managed to find a day to play cards;) We haven´t played for a long time due to different circumstances. But today is the day when I ´ll win one game after the other;) ok- I love to make jokes;)- I´ll be happy to win some games that time. Lot´s of cookies,cakes, hot punch (I won´t drive;), ...well, lots of food and talk and fun. No writing-except blogging for today.
Just meeting friends-lovely!
I hope, you all ´ll have a great weekend!
Maybe we´ll come up with that! Or that lol!!!! That´s my game today;) (boring explanation, but I couldn´t find another one in English, because it´s a typical Austrian card play- don´t mix up with reading tarot cards! I´m not interested in that.


  1. Meeting friends, eating and drinking delicious things, playing cards, having fun...
    All this is too good! Enjoy, honey! Then I'll be waiting for you... come here and tell us how it was... I like reading what you write... everything... I'm more excited about your lyrics and grimaces. mARTy, I love coming here to talk to you. ^,^

    Many, many, many beijos e queijos.
    Lots of abraços e laços.

  2. Yeah, was a funny but loooooooong night. So I´m a tiny bit tired;) sad news: I lost many games, but it was a cool night! Hope, you had a great weekend, too! Have a great start in the week.

  3. Glad you had fun! Losing is the least important... the coolest is the fun, meet friends, enjoy the moments.
    Now that you're tired, relax, close your eyes and listen to:


    I'll see you around. Have a good week, honey.
    With my love.


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