Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I used my spare time for..

guess, what? Yes, you are right- for writing. I used the holiday here to get something done. But it´s hard, and I can´t remember my last real holiday - a whole day for me. I´m so looking forward to X-mas, time for family and relaxation! At least I won´t write nothing for 5 whole days.
But now I have to stay focused on my work at the moment. The job´s a challenge, the course is one as well, of course completing my draft is another one, handling the baking with the little ones will be the next one...phew...too many challenges at one time.
So, that´s all.
Ah, have to post a Lennon song today-
and have a good week, enjoy life-even, when it´s hard sometimes.
Remember, often it´s a challenge;)


J.Lennon "Stand by me"


  1. A good week for you too, honey.
    I always remember it: enjoy life, even when it's hard sometimes.
    It's often a challenge. Yes, a great challenge!
    Thank you for the music. Lennon is my favorite from The Beatles.
    Cheers and love...


  2. I know, but never give up;) here some sunlight for you
    beijos e queijos!

  3. You're the sunshine that always comes and give me your warm light. I love knowing you are here... thank you! Thank you very much, honey!

    "I want to hold your hand..."



Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)