Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trying to do the impossible

I decided to write a bit more at the end of the novel. It felt so incomplete, and I was so unsatisfied with the ending. I have started to find the perfect end for that story, although this will /might be a neverending process, a never-ending story.
I am very aware of my writing abilities- so , there isn´t such a thing as the perfect ending (in my case)
I won´t find it. I have to stop trying this.

Noone is perfect. Right. Interestingly, I try to write a perfect story-knowing, I cannot do it anyway.
So, why am I setting myself such high aims? To torture myself?

I just want to entertain my readers- my fam and some friends.
This knowledge, the knowledge of having a real audience, motivates me more than I have ever thought of.
My draft is just the end result of fun and hard work.
At the moment I don´t care about the fact that all the hard trying to find a perfect ending won´t lead to a published versíon.

Some people said to me that it makes no sense writing a novel without being published. I can understand their way of thinking, but I write for fun, for me and for a handful of people. These persons are important for me and their opinion, their feedback means a lot to me.
So I can improve my writing and next year I´ll write another novel that they  can enjoy,hopefully.

Yesterday, Eli Ross posted a quote, I really like-
""Your fans and friends think your books are great, no matter what anyone else says."
So, because of my own satisfaction and fun and my small  but real audience, I try to do my best to revise the draft as good as possible.
Even one of them enjoys reading a single quote-I´ll be really happy about it.

Enjoy your hobbies out there, and try to do the impossible, if necessary. Have fun and a good start in the week.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Writing Contest

Writers, check this out!
Pacific Northwest Writers Association-
"Every entry accepted in the contest will receive two –critiques—a useful tool for any writer."

Good luck;)

Just tasted a new tea- Meßmer Inca-Tea- allspice,coriander, clove,fennel, cinnamon, orange + something I haven´t known before: Lapacho Bark. Really good.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Photos from Austria;)

Being able to spend time on writing is so great, I´ve missed it a lot;)
Now I use my free time for revising, blogging,... aahh, so cool and relaxing!
Like a cold drink in the heat...

To my revisions- I´m learning every day something new abbout my MCs, really interesting. I´ve forgotten so many thing, I´ve forgotten scenes I´ve written in November,...now many things, events or characters seem to be nearly new to me;)
So, it isn´t boring to act as a "detective" at the moment. (see last post)

I think, my second novel is written in a better way than my first.Shouldn´t sound arrogant, but writing a lot improves writing, that´s for sure. I really enjoy reading it. Well, the plot of novel 1 is more developed-because I could spend more time on writing it. That´s no excuse for plot 2;))) that one is ok for me.

I forgot the reason for posting today- to introduce a photographer, Julius Silver-
with great photos of Austria (and other countries)- check them out and enjoy the beauty of that country!

Photo-corner: Austria- by J. Silver

You have to have a look!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Move your body and have sore muscles;)))

After months of sitting and mostly writing, I decided to go to the gymn.
I had a plan for all the sports-lessons this week; One day Pilates, another day Aerobic and one day for Antara- a new mixture between Yoga and Pilates. Too many for the beginning, but with enough motivation you can plan everything;)
My last gymn lesson was in......September:(. So, it was time for some work out- although I didn´t really want to.
Guess, what has happened!
I hurt my knee a little bit and with couldn´t attend all these gymn classes. (Actually, I didn´t miss them ;) Now I´m ok and have started with some Yoga exercises at home.

You know the sun-salutation?
I have forgotten, how many muscles my body has. Now I know some more;) Outch!

Check it out and try it! It´s harder than it looks like;) but it´s relaxing as well. And next week I´ll start with one  sports lesson, or the next week, or...

New SCBWI blog  -Alice Pope
 So, move your body and have fun!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Revision- detective-game

Today I had enough motivation and energy to start again with my revision process.
This time revision is different from last year´s. Last November I made lists of  my characters before starting to write the novel. I knew about their job, their age and family situation,... all in all , I knew basic infos about the MCs. With my key data I began to write and developed the plot.

This year I just knew that my MC was male, I knew his nationality and wanted him to have troubles in his life. That was all. Surprisingly for me, I managed to write more than 50.000 words without enough data collection before.

But-- now I have to make lists of my MCs , after writing. Interesting thing. Because of no list and basic infos, the names, the age of persons, their family status quo,....everything changed throughout the story.

Once the person is married, then she is a widow, one time the MC lives in the city , 60 pages later he lives with his parents in a village,....

My o my, enough to do.

But I´m feeling like a detective, like Columbo, trying to find out all about a person´s life;) So this time the revision process is more fun for me, it´s thrilling;) you never know what happens next.
But to be honest, it´s more complicated, too.

10 pages later I found out about the difference in age--so I can jump back and find the place, where I have to correct something. That´s a bit nerve wracking.
Hopefully I´ll have enough energy to handle that "searching-game".
Keep writing and have fun!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthday-Gala + Concert for + with Placido

Placido as conductor and as visitor at his b-day opera gala in Madrid.

News-corner: 2011-- year of the forests

Enjoy your day- with classic and fresh air;)!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

 Placido Domingo celebrated his 70th birthday in Madrid yesterday. I love this artist!
Therefore the music-corner honors one of the best singers! (For me, he is the best tenor ever- and a lovely , great entertainer;)
Enjoy the voice of this great performer!


Placido Domingo. Nessun Dorma
Plácido Domingo "Granada"
Placido Domingo - No Puede Ser


La Traviata Brindisi (Domingo,Netrebko,Villazon)

The Three Tenors - Medley Live

The Three Tenors - You'll Never Walk Alone

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (Domingo,Netrebko,Villazon)

Santana - Novus (Featuring Placido Domingo)

gala anniversaire de placido domingo le 21 janvier 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

So hard!

Revising a novel is necessary. I know.
Knowing and doing something are different things.
I have started my revision, found out, that I let a person die -unconsciously- during writing the novel.
Now, I have to decide, whether the grandfather should be alive or not... I prefer life.
Many characters don´t have a name, I am not very creative in finding names this year.

Again the same problem--too many distracting things around.

How can I stay focused and go on with my revisions without being in the mood for wríting?
Well, force myself could be one way, but I have to take care of my energy this week- a challenging one.
Wait and drink some tea and see, what´ll happen?
Not a good idea, ´cause then I´d never go on with the writing.

Maybe revise some pages a day?
Stop blogging and start writing?
.......................found no answer but a photo.

It feels like heaven;)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Gorgeous photos

If you love great photos , too- The Boston Globe´s Big Picture is worth being checked out.
I found great shots from the partial solar eclipse this Tuesday! Enjoy;)

Partial Solar eclipse- Photo from The Boston Globe

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moon, Sun, Sci Fi, Music

 It´s nice to see you 2011 again;)

Due to my holidays here, I haven´t posted a lot- BUT...
I finished my second novel, that means, I have started to revise my novel;) Although this part of writing has always been the hardest for me.

Other interesting news? Nope.
Visited fam and friends, ate too much good food;) - nothing spectacular, but nice and relaxing.
Finally I had time to do really nothing for some days. Watched some movies- Avatar (great animation!), Chicago (great actors-R. Gere;)) C.Z. Jones, and phantastic music!!), Mamma Mia (the same description as before, just other actors;), Music of the heart (Touching story) , Doubt ( film adaptation of a Pulitzer Prize winning stage play, open end, great actors- Streep, Hoffman, Davis) ...some movies with one of my fav actresses-Meryl Streep.

Have you seen one of these?

Now back to something different. Astronomy.
The lights in the city are too bright for observing stars, therefore my telescope is placed in the countryside.
But unfortunately I couldn´t see a lot of the partial solar eclipse here on January , 4  ;( The weather was not that good.  I couldn´t observe anything during the holidays:(-- too many clouds again. But here a pic of the astronomic event:

Wish you a happy weekend!

Am 4. Jänner gab es eine partielle Sonnenfinsternis ...
                                                   Photo: Kleine Zeitung

Beethoven-Moonlight Sonate

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Now it´s official- 2011 has started!
With lots of lucky charms and lead pouring;) (a new year´s custom of telling fortunes by the shapes made by molten lead- the one near the coin. Maybe it was too early in the morning, but I couldn´t figure out,what the shape was standing for.(Maybe a boat- for travelling??) Lucky me, I don´t believe in this custom,, so it just was a funny way to celebrate the first of January:)
How did you celebrate?

To all of you, have a happy new year!
 I wish you the best for 2011!
PROSIT 2011!