Saturday, January 8, 2011

So hard!

Revising a novel is necessary. I know.
Knowing and doing something are different things.
I have started my revision, found out, that I let a person die -unconsciously- during writing the novel.
Now, I have to decide, whether the grandfather should be alive or not... I prefer life.
Many characters don´t have a name, I am not very creative in finding names this year.

Again the same problem--too many distracting things around.

How can I stay focused and go on with my revisions without being in the mood for wríting?
Well, force myself could be one way, but I have to take care of my energy this week- a challenging one.
Wait and drink some tea and see, what´ll happen?
Not a good idea, ´cause then I´d never go on with the writing.

Maybe revise some pages a day?
Stop blogging and start writing?
.......................found no answer but a photo.

It feels like heaven;)


  1. First... that more fantastic photo! I love stars and having them around is really outstanding! I loved this picture! Very, very, very much!

    So... who am I to give "advice", but... in your place, I would reserve a few hours of going only to review the novel every day. In life, we must be disciplined when we want to achieve some goal. Otherwise, it becomes a mess of good in the head and every day.
    Whenever I have a new activity to include in my routine, I review my schedule. Hmm... I think: do I really am reserving a good time for the important things?

    Ah... I would like to suggest names for characters, but I think they ought not, because they are Brazilian names. :(
    Don't kill the grandfather, he may be a good solution for the end of the book. The elders are always wiser... generally...

    And finally... (Uff! Sorry...) I wanted to say you not fail to come here when you are reviewing your novel. Come at least once a week to say hello! ;)

    Well, I'm going now.
    Cheers and achievements.
    Beijos e queijos.

  2. Honey, if you have a time, listen to this video:


    Outstanding!♫♫°º •*• ♫° ·.♫♫°°º♫


  3. This is the song that came to my mind when I saw the title of your photo:
    A blast from the 80s!!

  4. Teca--thanks for your comments and suggestions; I´ll post another photo of the same "star-hall" , just with another perspective. And the video is really funny- it´s MOZART;)), thanks, and a happy weekend.

    Eli--Thanks for the link, I think, you mean the song with the same title "It feels like heaven", don´t you? The problem is, due to copyright reasons in my country, I cannot watch the video and listen to the music;( Anyway, have a great and relaxing weekend!

  5. Love all those stars! Me? I can't write, so I take photographs. You do both! Wishing you much success with your rewrites.

  6. Kala-nice to see you here, too! I do both, but as an amateur;)have a great week!

  7. The simplicity amazes me...

    Honey, close your eyes and listen to this video:


    That's how the days have been here: rainy.
    Nights and summer days. :))

  8. That´s an amazing rain-song just body percussion, great link, thanks;) have a good day!

  9. Just to relax, honey!


    See you around... many, many beijos and queijos!

  10. It´s a nice video-think, I´ve seen it before. I like the idea behind!

  11. Is it all right, honey?
    I leave you lots of beijos e queijos.


  12. Hi, thanks for asking;) It´s just a very busy time and I hope to find some minutes to post something on the weekend. Well, I don´t want to post anything;))
    You wrote about the heavy rain over there, and I read about the floods in Brasil every day. Hope, the situation will be better soon.
    Here it´s raining, too, and we expect snow on the weekend.
    So, how are your holidays? Hopefully relaxing and funny;) Have a nice week, beijos e queijos , too;)

  13. Glad you're okay! Uff!
    Thank you for giving news... :))
    I was just missing you.

    Everything here in Brasil is resolving.
    All we are helping...

    I'm enjoying my holiday as much as possible! It's all very good, despite the rain. No problem ... I'm resting too. ;)

    I'll leave a gift for you (if it has not already know):


    Post only when you want, when you are inspired...
    I'll wait... I'll be always here!

    Many beijos e queijos to my lovely friend. ^,^


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)