Sunday, June 26, 2011

Europe´s largest Open Air Festival- Danube Island Festival

takes place in Vienna- 3 days - about 3 million visitors- 18 stages (for all kinds of music,pop, rock, hard rock, alternative, western, folk, gospel, - concerts , entertainment, sports,... here are some videos and info.
and the best-- all for free;)


Friday, June 24, 2011

I do it again

What? Recommending Chris Cleave´s "Little Bee".
"Little Bee will blow you away"(Washington Post)
#1 New York Times bestseller that is "immensely readable and moving...an affecting story of human triumph" (NY Times book review)

I could go on and on and write about all the positive reviews-
just read the first chapter and form an opinion.
Check out the author´s homepage here (where you´ll find the first chapter): Chris Cleave
Have to get his other book "Incendiary" soon.

Anyone out there who read this book or plans to read it?

Enjoy your weekend- and your online access;)
In 1 week I´ll have to return this borrowed laptop-- and mine hasn´t been repaired;(

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I miss a lot

Art is an essential part of my life- and it has turned out that writing means more to me than I have ever thought of.

Because of many reasons I couldn´t post here. I just can use another laptop sometimes and I am not able to post my photos and revise my drafts or be creative for my art-blog-where I received my first award.(Surprise and many thanks to Teca;)

I have so many great pics to share but no possibility at the moment to post them;(
The laptop I use now has no software for "editing" my art;(
I have no access to many email-adresses and all my other data--horrible as well!I haven´t saved my second draft and so many other important things...

I am frustated because I´m not able to work, write and blog as before...
Hope my laptop will be repaired soon!

After a great week in my fav city (thanks B.!) I Just came home from another trip (Balaton-Hungary)and now between writing these lines and preparing for the job I have to get ready for visiting my parents in the evening...
I don´t spend a lot of time at home at the moment but that´s ok.

There´d be so much to tell but no time right now. No time for music links,.....but I take some time for advertising a book although I haven´t read the whole (I just got it)
I have never recommended a book in this stage of reading-- but the beginning is so interesting and the style of writing so great and different- that I break my own rule
get Chris Cleave´s "Little Bee" and be ready for the unexpected,...

Have a great week, my friends!