Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010


Flowers from the Field-
just picked.

Yellow Sun
and the Blue Sky-
full of White Clouds

that´s what I see when I close my eyes
and begin to dream...

What a present!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buying Specialist Books

is a unique challenge. Especially when you need books from Overseas.
Have to use my gallows humor (hope to find it) to get over my latest horror-news.
If I´m lucky I´ll get my books 2 days before the deadline for my next assignments will end.
So what- enough time to read it, write 2 responses,....who needs to sleep?
I love challenges, don´t I?
See me smiling?;-)

C´est la vie!

2 celebrations the last 2 days- came home in the morning and had to stand up because of routine...man is such a creature of habit, annoying!

But seeing that fact in a positive way-there´s time to clean the flat (which I don´t want to do right now), write precourse assignments for the coming 2 blocks (which seem to have no end). I´m just too tired at this time of the year and I`m therefore sooooooooo slowly;-) and there is not enough time left for revising my MS. So sad!

Some other news I´ve just found out- again changes in the course- schedule for August-now the block will start and end earlier. I´m so glad that I have decided to stay in Europe this summer and that I haven´t booked a flight as some of my friends. (... but so I can´t take the offer to stay some days in the Big Apple and meet someone-you have no idea how hard this is. I miss NYC...)

The course is really great, interesting, inspiring for my job and writing as well but it´s very demanding. That has been clear before but knowing something and experiencing it - that´s a different matter altogether. It´s a bit hard to motivate me now because many others are in the same mood and I nearly can´t plan a lot for the summer in advance. But that´s life! (Sinatra)
have to stop moaning!

Music -corner:

Found something interesting for you in Eli Ross´blog
Anthony and the Johnsons
mixture of folk, experimental music with great rhythms and Indie-worth hearing. So cool!

Elton John´s Circle of Life -bit too much ...whatever, great voice

Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody classic!

Good to relax ;-) Happy weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Influence and other stuff

Am I really so depending on the weather? Well, not always but at the moment I seem to have a weather-dependent mood;-) A little bit. How easily a person can be influenced-what a shame! But after weeks with rain and low temperatures not so unusual. (OK, forgot the 3 or 4 sunny hot days in between;-)

5 days ago I took some pictures in Vienna-it was cold and rainy. People were wearing coats, hats and some of them boots, too. Remember, it was 20 June!

But the good thing was I wasn´t able to take flower pics (OK, again a correction- I didn´t want to take flower or landscape photos without a blue sky). So I focused my attention on other themes- reflection and art. Got some funny, some interesting and maybe some strange pics.

Like the following ones-can find some in my photo-corner soon.

Love to play with pictures and create something abstract;-) fun, fun, fun!

Just a few days, then I´ll have holidays!!! Can´t wait any longer...

I want nice weather for my holidays -yesterdays sky promissed a better one and fullfilled my desire- blue sky and sunshine! Time again for T-Shirts and maybe sandals tomorrow;-)

I bought something else on an ebay-auction- some hotel nights in... Curious?
Guess where! A) Milan B) Vienna C) Munich

You´ll see some photos of the surroundings in about 14 days.
So happy whatever you want to do;-)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bad Weather-stop-bad mood-stop-......

Have ordered tickets for an Open Air Theatre - have to go there tomorrow morning- don´t want to do it- too cold, rainy and windy- just about 55°F!! Summer has started today, we heated the oven in my parents house- at the end of June.......no words needed to describe my summerfeelings.
Damned, where is the summer this year?????? Just 4 really hot days-90°F+ .
Just 1 inlineskating day! Just 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frustrating.
How to keep a good optimistic mood during this extremly long lasting wet-cold season?
Any tips?

Just created another corner where I will advertise some blogs and some other stuff

Lit agent-

hope you have better weather...have a good one!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I had a dream...

My blog-title reminds me now of M.L. King´s speach- wasn´t my intention.

I wish my day could have 37 hours- not 48, no, just 37. I´m modest. That would be enough . I think so. Otherwise I´ll change the number;-)

I would sleep 10 hours each day- it´s not interesting to read, I know.
But think of 3 hours more sleep! That would be soooo cool.
Left are 20 hours.

I would spend 12 on my daily work and on running the household.
8 left. Well, great.

So enough time for my family and friends. They´d appreciate it- me, too. 4 hours- would it be too much or not? No, think, I´d need more time for them. But if I´d have so much time to visit them daily, maybe it´s more than enough. More than everybody could stand;-)
They shouldn´t get spoiled / or maybe bored because of my visits;-)

How many left? Let´s see... well, 4 hours, right.

Then I could use 2 hours daily to write and revise my MS. So I could finish it maybe before my retirement! And the rest of these 37 hours I´d spend on my hobbies.
That would be so great!

But now, time to wake up and face reality.
My freezer is broken, have to finish my assignments, prepare P.´s and R´s b-day presents, one celebration is tomorrow, the other one next week ( a round one:-) with more than 50 people...like a marriage.Not my taste, too many people, not enough time to talk to everyone.

See, that´s why I need more hours;-)
What would you do with a 37 hours day?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hiking again

I had a nice, interesting and exhausting weekend- filled with hiking and celebrating.
Today- Father´s Day- a great family celebration. Funny day;-) and my dad loves to be celebrated.
Yesterday my mum and I hiked through a gorge - it was really great and worth getting up so early. We spent the half day hiking and afterwards rewarded ourselves with a good meal and some ice-cream in town.

...and now I´m just tired but I want to show you some photos from the gorge.(Others will follow in my photo-corner;-)

For today just these two to animate you to hike a bit in your surrounding:-)

Have a good one!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hot-new medias-refreshing- nature;-)

Remember last week- when I told you about the cold and wet weather with 53°F? 7 days later it´s the other way round- temperature 90°+F! What a difference, now summer has started.

It´s a bit hard to concentrate on reading or writing in this heat but I make progress.

BTW- I bought my first item on ebay- an electronic dictionary for less than 2 $! Hope it works, too:-) I´ll see. I love books but for the new course I prefer the new medias. Smaller than a calculator.So I don´t have to carry the thick old dictionary with me.

And for those of you who like to eat (and bake and cook) as much as I do- here ´s the perfect page for you---> http://fortheloveofcooking-recipes.blogspot.com/

Just tried the strawberry spinach salad- yummy!! I have never combined strawberries and salad before-but it´s refreshing. So let´s cook, bake and enjoy!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Today I´ve started....

...the new Inline-Skating Season.
This bike path is one of my inline-routes.
Took some photos of cornflowers and poppies. They looked good in the sun. Well, everything looks brighter and nicer in sunlight. I was so sun- hungry after a rainy month. I didn´t fall- success!!
...and I finished another asssignment successfully!!!! What a good day:-) Wish you all a good day as well;-)
Have fun and enjoy life!
Bob Marley, I can see clearly now the rain is gone

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Great time in Styria!

How relaxing short holidays can be:) Spent the last days in Styria-Austria on a little fruit farm.

View from my room- vineyard and apple trees opposite.

One day I visited a thermal bath- built by Hundertwasser, an Austrian Artist. It ´s an interesting style- comparable to Gaudi´s work in Spain, influenced by the Viennese Jugenstil, too. I really love his work.

After this relaxing day where I had time to read as well, I visited a "Buschenschank"- in Vienna the little bistro would be called "Heurigen". If you think, you know the German language, visit Styria. I had great difficulties in understanding this dialect. It´s a different culture as well sometimes;-)

In a Buschenschank you can eat cold meals there and drink excellent wines, fruit juices (apricot!!), too. I think I gained weight there:) It´s all sooooooo delicious!!!! You really have to try it one time!

To get a taste- here a 2 person meal- not just mine! Yummy!!!

I took so many pictures during these nearly 3 days- here are just some impressions from Styria. I´ll post many of them on my photo-corner.

Found the labyrinth today and walked it:)- in the SUN!!!! First sunny day since weeks!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where is the sun?

June 2010

rain, rain, rain,........
temperature: 53 ° F!

I can´t remember a year, when I had to heat the flat in June!
Took the photo at my parents house- it was so cosy with the fire.
While I am writing these lines I am smiling because of having to heat nearly in summer and because I ´m sounding like an old aunt, always complaining about the weather.
Have to stop that and drink my lemon balm tea - but not an iced one;-)

I like that photo of my glass of tea- taking a glass instead a cup is cool for taking photos but not so cool for drinking hot tea.

But I nearly do everything for a great shot;-)
My mood is getting better and better- I just have to avoid looking out of the window. Will bake some white bread, then it´s warmer , too:-) lol

I organized a meeting in an ice cream parlor in the mid of June, but fortunately there is a coffee shop around the corner where we could have some tea and coffee instead of the cold icecream.

It´s so crazy! That should be spring- nearly summer???
But the good thing is, I have to spend time at home. So no excuse for not writing.

And I make good time , gladly!! Now I write one assignment after the other ( or 2 at the same time) and although it had been a hard weekend, I finally finished one piece of writing. At the end of the working year- before holidays -writing isn´t that easy sometimes. But all in all there is progress! Yeah! And tomorrow again time to relax! Again a longer weekend here. Great!


Again Davis Garrett--Vivaldi summer;-))) This cross-over music is so cool! (I like to "play" with that word in this post;-)

STS- Austrian dialect group "Da kummt die Sunn"-Here comes the sun