Sunday, June 27, 2010

C´est la vie!

2 celebrations the last 2 days- came home in the morning and had to stand up because of routine...man is such a creature of habit, annoying!

But seeing that fact in a positive way-there´s time to clean the flat (which I don´t want to do right now), write precourse assignments for the coming 2 blocks (which seem to have no end). I´m just too tired at this time of the year and I`m therefore sooooooooo slowly;-) and there is not enough time left for revising my MS. So sad!

Some other news I´ve just found out- again changes in the course- schedule for August-now the block will start and end earlier. I´m so glad that I have decided to stay in Europe this summer and that I haven´t booked a flight as some of my friends. (... but so I can´t take the offer to stay some days in the Big Apple and meet someone-you have no idea how hard this is. I miss NYC...)

The course is really great, interesting, inspiring for my job and writing as well but it´s very demanding. That has been clear before but knowing something and experiencing it - that´s a different matter altogether. It´s a bit hard to motivate me now because many others are in the same mood and I nearly can´t plan a lot for the summer in advance. But that´s life! (Sinatra)
have to stop moaning!

Music -corner:

Found something interesting for you in Eli Ross´blog
Anthony and the Johnsons
mixture of folk, experimental music with great rhythms and Indie-worth hearing. So cool!

Elton John´s Circle of Life -bit too much ...whatever, great voice

Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody classic!

Good to relax ;-) Happy weekend!

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