Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where is the sun?

June 2010

rain, rain, rain,........
temperature: 53 ° F!

I can´t remember a year, when I had to heat the flat in June!
Took the photo at my parents house- it was so cosy with the fire.
While I am writing these lines I am smiling because of having to heat nearly in summer and because I ´m sounding like an old aunt, always complaining about the weather.
Have to stop that and drink my lemon balm tea - but not an iced one;-)

I like that photo of my glass of tea- taking a glass instead a cup is cool for taking photos but not so cool for drinking hot tea.

But I nearly do everything for a great shot;-)
My mood is getting better and better- I just have to avoid looking out of the window. Will bake some white bread, then it´s warmer , too:-) lol

I organized a meeting in an ice cream parlor in the mid of June, but fortunately there is a coffee shop around the corner where we could have some tea and coffee instead of the cold icecream.

It´s so crazy! That should be spring- nearly summer???
But the good thing is, I have to spend time at home. So no excuse for not writing.

And I make good time , gladly!! Now I write one assignment after the other ( or 2 at the same time) and although it had been a hard weekend, I finally finished one piece of writing. At the end of the working year- before holidays -writing isn´t that easy sometimes. But all in all there is progress! Yeah! And tomorrow again time to relax! Again a longer weekend here. Great!


Again Davis Garrett--Vivaldi summer;-))) This cross-over music is so cool! (I like to "play" with that word in this post;-)

STS- Austrian dialect group "Da kummt die Sunn"-Here comes the sun

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