Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vienna in spring!

Again a great spring day in Vienna! Perfect light and temperature! And people everywhere- even in the
gras in the park! ( In these parks -Stadtpark e.g.-it´s forbidden to go on the lawn) It´s great to see people there- so the scenery is so full of life! Reminded me a bit of Central Park;) although I don´t know whether it´s forbidden to be on the lawn or not)
This time I was happy about the trip to a doctor ;)))))- so I could take many great pictures and enjoy the sun there. Next posts will include  flowers, flowers and other spring impressions again.
Springtime in Vienna is simply perfect!
Enjoy the sun (hopefully) and your day!

Monday, March 28, 2011


I´m really happy today. Thanks to my followers;) I´ve never got 4 comments from different people on this blog here! Cool that you are interested in my posts;) Thanks! That´s so encouraging to know and go on with my revisions.
That was exactly what I needed to read today after a discussion with a friend. We talked about my never ending revision-processes. (Although never ending in terms of my assignment isn´t true. There I have a deadline; in terms of revising my novel-drafts it is true. ) He told me that I just need to stay focused and revise the whole thing. (I don´t want to get angry again about the term "thing"! He has never written more than some pages, so he has no idea about how hard it is to revise 100+ pages!!!!)
Ok, it´s true that I could finish my assignment´s revision in 2- 3 days but...
Here comes the big BUT-
life isn´t just sitting in a quiet room and have time for writing.
Who earns for living?  Who goes shopping for lunch, dinner, breakfast and cooks? Who does the household? What about stuff like visiting doctors (my hobby-lol- since my fall a month ago)? What about the social life????
Questions after questions.
It isn´t easy for me to combine life and revisions. Maybe because I´m just finding out that revisions are much more than simply writing down thoughts or editing some grammar mistakes or sentences.
After having written my first draft one year ago, I had to fight with the same problems. And honestly, I haven´t found a solution for the "re-problem" yet.
Not just writing is a process- revising sometimes is a harder one at the moment.
But thanks to you, my followers and friends, I get enough encouragement to go on and not to give up on my revisions;))

Just want to advertise my friend´s blog and her way to the quarter-finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest- here: Eliza Ross
and if you live in the USA- some of you do- you can read excerpts of her novel and write a review.
It definitely is one of the best and touching YA historical fiction novels I´ve ever read.
Check it out here- and enjoy reading under - under the Young Adult Fiction category, Eliza Ross, "Sparks", #190 (on p. 7)!

Have a great day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Re-, re-, re-.....

Reading, rewriting- revising... that will be my job for the next hours.
At the moment I have troubles with the "re-". I love to write and read my draft but after a time, it gets hard and harder.
I try to avoid the word "boring" because that wouldn´t fit.
But the "re- process" isn´t as thrilling as the actual act of composing for me.

What an insight, isn´t it? Lol;))))

So, today will be a challenge- I have to reread my assignment, rethink some expressions and paragraphs, rewrite some sentences- have to revise my draft.

Why is it so difficult to do the "re-thing"? I mean for me? I know other people who don´t seem to have problems in revising drafts. Some are able to do revisions again and again. I wish to have their skills, their patience, sometimes.

And here I am now, blogging -instead of revising. Here I can create something new; even if it doesn´t interest anyone but me;))) The writing is  "new", sometimes I get comments on this writing, get feedback.
Maybe that´s the problem with revising other drafts.

Not just maybe, it´s a fact that a lack of feedback doesn´t help to increase intrinsic motivation.
Ok, explaining this doesn´t help me to go on with my revisions. I have known this before...

Maybe I just have to think of my future readers. (Will I have some?) I want them to have fun with my writings; I want them to get new insights. Maybe these thoughts provide enough motivation for revising my writing now...hopefully.

Ok, ready, steady and go.
Go and revise.

ok, I´ll do that now, till next time;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brain Twister;))))

Today´s weather was so bad;( Windy and rainy- so I couldn´t take photos outdoors; but!!!
I created another cake- this time with some cacao and white chocolate liqueur;) Yummy!!!!
Always the same with cakes in my surroundings...they often are eaten within 2 days;)
But now to my cake-shape -riddle:
Which animal can you see there???
Ok, enough for today- have a good one!

P.S.: Ok, I´ll help you- it´s a rabbit;)))


Better later than never- time to say Goodbye to the cold season and celebrate spring with Vivaldi´s seasons´ in the music-corner;)
Today I´ll spend my time outdoors with my friend- no work at home! Well, actually,there is enough to do at home (revising,preparing for work,ironing;( ...) but I won´t do anything for the next hours;) I hope that the weather will stay as great as yesterday. Time for other photos;)) Yeahh! Missed the colors, flowers and the sun. What about you? What´s your favorite season?

Have a great day!
Here´s the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David Garett-Vivaldi Winter

Here Vivaldi´s spring!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finally Spring!!

Isn´t that a great park? So many crocuses; I haven´t seen so many at one place before.
The first flower Photos of spring 2011! Today I nearly couldn´t stop taking pictures. The light in the park was great and much more flowers are blooming than expected. So you´ll find some more flowers in my other blog. Enjoy the spring(or fall) with all the beautiful colors! Have a good one;)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Full Moon- March 19

Damn! Not a chance to see the super- full moon today. It will be the biggest in 20 years! But it´s cloudy and rainy here;((( Maybe some other bloggers will have more luck with their observation.

Time flies

I have the feeling that Í haven´t done anything productive for some weeks- although it isn´t true. I´ve revised my writing, done enough work for the job, ... and we are nearing the end of March!
Due to the doctor´s advice I have started to do some sports but after my fall this hasn´t been that easy. I wanted to start complaining about my shoulder and so on but than I thought about the people in Japan and then all my "troubles" seemed to be so irrelevant.
I´m in the lucky position to be able to visit the doctors and get help; I hope that many people will donate for Japan that the doctors without borders, Caritas, Red Cross an other organisations are able to help many of them there, too.

Well, I hope to get my revisions done till the end of March, I have to. But now I have reached a point where I cannot stand reading the same passages again and again. Bored of my own writing? No, not bored. It´s quite interesting- but I needed a break to be able to reread it again.
I had to stop revising it because I would have shortened the whole introduction and other parts. But I was told it is ok the way it is and I shouldn´t change it...Ok. But the more you read the more you want to change sometimes...

Good, anyway, happy weekend and make the best of your day;)

Great guitar player-Matteo Negrin- plays Nora Jones´"Don´t know why"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Focus on Japan

Have seen videos of the tsunami, what can I say? I´m shocked.
What can I do? Just encourage you to donate to the Red cross or the Doctors without Borders .

Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan´s Earthquake and Tsunami

Thinking and praying for the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Bocelli & Headley-"The prayer"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today Space-Shuttle Discovery returned. So I focus on astronomy today.
Something interesting here- universe today.

And here´s a cool link to Nasa´s Sky-Spy -Safari- have fun;)

Spitzer-Space-Telescope-The-Musical  ;))lol

That´s all for today;) Make the best out of it!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


rules have to be broken;) I had to leave the bed and post about the Viennese Opera Ball, because the event is important for many Austrians;) It´s the first time that the Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra will play, Anna Netrebko (great singer) and many other artists are there too.
Watch it on TV in Europe-ORF2 at 9 pm. Have a great night;) or day (even without watching it live).

Here some impressions from the ball 2 years ago-

So, time to go enjoy these impressions;) Wishing you a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Out of Order..........

Sorry, no posts at the moment. With luck, I´ll be back soon.
Here´s the Oscar movie 2011- enjoy!