Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter holidays, food and revisions

Hope you had great easter days;)
We had the perfect weather-like in summer.
Now I have enough energy for revisiong N2;)
Just have to be more consequent and write one hour a day, than I´d be ready soon.
It´s a lot easier to revise during holidays than after work...and bad weather helps me as well to go on with my revisions.
Anyway, have a good one;) and enjoy the music!



Apple Tiramisu is easy to make and very variable. I made it today for the next family meeting and it was great! And kids will love it;)

Eros Ramazotti and Tina Turner Cosas de la vida


  1. What a delicious start to the week to come here: great shots (loved the first one ^,^), good music and a seductive food... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that nice! Very good, honey! Thank you for sharing this delicious moment.
    Beijos, queijos (I was already missing it, Queijo é meu ponto fraco ;), joy, writings, reviews and much love!

  2. Oi! Queijo é meu ponto fraco tambem ;)Como vai? Bom dia;)


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