Monday, April 25, 2011

Nabucco Mood

I love music and like to compare interpretations of different singers from the same piece of music-
Tonight I got stuck... just listened to Verdi´s Nabucco. Great composer.

I don´t like all version but find them interesting in one or the other way- make your own opinion and enjoy

# Metropolitan Opera NY-version  Va Pensiero

# Italian version conducted by R. Muti

# Viennese Version- Vienna Opera

# Pavarotti and Zucchero

#   Zucchero and Sinead O´Connor

Same music-piece but different interpretations- really interesting to listen to. The first 3 seem to be the same but there are differences in tempo, soundlevel,....


  1. I love music and I like listening to different people playing the same music, either by voice or various instruments.
    Last week I did it with Autumn leaves. You have no idea how many versions I've heard... youtube has lots! Each one more beautiful than the other.
    This post is very cool, honey! Thank you!
    I'll listen to songs and try the best one... ;)

    Many beijos, queijos and love...

  2. Hi Teca--you are right- youtube is a great source for all kinds of music. Hope you´ve found the fitting music for the day;) beijos e queijos!


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