Tuesday, November 8, 2011

writing vs taking pictures

again, nothing written ;(
ok, I walked through the botanical garden and the colors of the trees are so amazing at the moment so I took many pictures instead of sitting at home. And through walking I moved my body to burn some calories;)
so hard to motivate myself to stay inside and write. The last 2 years November was so cold, rainy and windy. It was easy to decide to stay at home.
This year the writing month is so beautiful and warm, no real November weather, and the leaves on the trees are so beautiful and because of no freeze most of the trees have their colored leaves... so as a photographer I have to go out - as writer I should stay at home.
My excuse for not writing--I´m no real writer;)just a drafter..
so keep writing out there, I´ll take the pictures for you;)
Here one is


  1. What gorgeous colors in this photograph! I can understand why you would want to be outside and not indoors writing with scenery like this.

    [I am not participating in NaNo]

  2. Your fall pictures are gorgeous! Do you live there? Anyway, have a great day!

  3. Marvelous indeed!!!! Thank you!!!

    Beijos e queijos and a nice week, honey!


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