Sunday, November 6, 2011

Happy? Sad?

NaNo, day 6-
words written today about 200;(
calories eaten today...uncountable
result: I think I´m participating on NaCaCoMo (National Calories Collecting Month;)
Yesterday, lunch and dinner with friends , driving distance 112 km
today, lunch and dinner, driving distance 50 km
tomorrow, next lunch with friend, driving distance 20 km
the day after tomorrow.......
I don´t find enough time for writing at the moment-although my plot is an interesting one-
but after all these colories and hours in the car I am too tired to even think of writing.
Next weekend, the next b-day party...no writing again.
On the one hand I am a bit frustrated because of my word count and all these calories-
but on the other hand I am happy because of all these great meetings and the delicious food.
So, am I happy, am I sad? Hmm...an hour ago I got a great apple strudel - Yummy!I´m happy;)))

Food corner:
Apple strudel recipe


  1. I'm doing NaCaCoMo as well! I think I'm walking them off with the pacing, but I'm probably just kidding myself. But no matter how much you eat, don't give up on NaNo. Write what you can and be happy with that. As for the boring meals your MCs are eating -- spice things up with something awful happening! They drop the main dish, or find something disgusting in the food, or someone has a minor allergic reaction.

  2. How delicious!!!!!!
    Much food and no exercise! \o/ \o/ \o/

    You're special!

    Tuesday is my birthday... will you make a cake for me? :)))

    Hugs! Beijos e queijos.
    Lots of flowers and love.


  3. A second participant on NaCaCoMo!! Yeah! Welcome, Eli;)) To be serious, I try not to give up but at the moment the weather is great, too...but I´ll do my best. But your ideas are great and fitting. My MCs are going out -to a "Heuriger", kind of Austrian restaurant;) So, happy writing!!

    Teca--I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, minha amiga e tambien flores, beijos e queijos!!!BOA SORTE!!!Beleza?
    For you:

  4. Thank you very much, minha amiga!!! :))
    I loved the celebration!!! How beautiful the cake!!!!
    Beijos, queijos,flores e amor também!!!!
    Está tudo beleza! ;)
    Thank you!!!

  5. Happy to hear that your birthday was great! Have a great day;) beijos, queijos, ....


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