Sunday, April 3, 2011

Revisions and Vacations

The first BBQ this year- yeahh!!!
Beautiful weather, butterflies, twittering of birds, smell of flowers....sooooooooooo relaxing!
It was great to have a little break between my revisions.

I was angry about my laziness in the last days; I didn´t revise a lot (because of the great weather and too many other things).
Ok, it wasn´t the weather´s fault.
It has been my own fault not to finish revisions on time.
My deadline was the end of March, now it´s April;(
but today I revised the missing last 40 + pages, so just 3 pages are left.
I ´ve organized another meeting with friends- and then, I want to be finished. So, just a few days are left, then I have to be ready. I don´t want to revise the draft anylonger-
it´s so exhausting to revise mostly in the evening...
it´s about time to do something else in the sun;)
I want some days off-I need them!! Just let me dream of vacations!

Music-corner: Vacation-song by Nelly Furtado: VACACIÒN!!!! Great music for dreaming of vacations;) Just listen and think of sea, sun and whatever you need to be happy and relax;)


  1. Dreaming is free...

    Beautiful shot!
    Nice week, honey!

  2. That´s true-let´s dream!!Have a good week, my friend!

  3. Lovely shot! Enjoy the spring weather and have a wonderful week.

  4. Kala, your spring shot was great! Nice week!

    Roxy, thanks;) Have a good day!


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