Friday, July 23, 2010

My night with Moll;-)

Well, just try to find my way back to "normal" life. After 10 days focused on writing + reading it´s hard to prepare my stuff for short holidays. I´m just tired but have to pack my bags. Funny, I have no clue where to spend my holidays. Fact is my best friend comes with me to...??? Have to find a goal. Greece is too hot- Oslo maybe too far away, I don´t know where to go. Maybe it´s the best to stay in Austria-in the South to be able to visit Italy or Slovenia..we´ll have to discuss that later. Have to visit my sister, water my parents´+ uncle´s plants-all on holiday, have to do so many things and no plan where to start- and no power as well.

During the last days I just was focused on my course- lived in another world once more. I didn´t sleep more than 6 hours each night (too less for me), just stood up, ate something drove to Vienna, started the course, had an 1 hour lunch break-again course, went home, wrote and read,....I nearly had the same rhythm every day, nearly...except my night with Moll.

I spent nearly the whole night on reading , summarizing and responding to an article of Moll. It wasn´t an easy one but interesting (Lessons from Research with language minority children). But it was also a night when I nearly hit the wall and I had to overcome my fear of not getting it done in time. I knew I could do it but the pressure of not having enough time for work had been enormous in this night. I´ll never forget this night- went to bed at 1 in the morning and stood up at 4.30. It was hard but at least I did it! And after seeing may graded work I was glad to have spent so much time on that assignment.
So- hard work pays off!
But don´t ask me how I got through the day...

Now 2 weeks without course- but I have to do 4 assignments for the next block-starting in just 2 weeks. I have no idea, when and how and where I´ll write and read-but I´ll do it. Good feedback motivated me enough to do it. But now-that´s for sure I have to have some days off.

So have a good time, enjoy the summer and keep writing;-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot, hotter, hottest

Wow- now it´s really summer - 95°F today!!!! Too hot for everything-except installing my new freezer. (no joke- it had to be done because it was delivered today and P. and O. helped me.Gladly!) It was so hot in the room, horrible thing to do in the heat but I had great help. We nearly spent more than 3 hours on installing the freezer but now we´re done and it works!

Time to prepare thing for the next course-beginning tomorrow.It´ll be again so hot, we have to sit in the same small old,...... room as always.
Have to think positive- I´m looking forward to starting the block, to meeting all the folks there and I´ll need no umbrella;-) Yeah!

A picture of yesterday´s Bike race final- Tour of Austria. Taken in Vienna(Ringstraße). Whish I would be so sporty;-)

So, time to finish my work- have a good one!
And stay cool in the heat!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where have I been?



Greece? Dont´look at the flag! No cheating;-)

OK, you´re right- it´s Vienna!!(2.picture-an ice rink in winter ;-) Summer in the city, not that hot as supposed. A lovely season to visit Austria! Roses blooming everywhere, many outdoor attractions- e.g. an open air film festival at the townhall -watched a part of Don Giovanni there in one week there will be the Life Ball... enough to do in Austria´s capital. Enough to eat, too ...(Kaiserschmarren, Sachertorte,...) too many great things....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Save the Dialect

Well, I´m glad about having a laptop but sometimes it doesn´t work the way I want. Had to republish yesterday´s post because I lost my comment-link. It´s not that important but I like things to work.

Yesterday I transcribed something recorded from dialect into standard language and then translated it as well. My oh my, that was a challenge. I use both in my daily life-dialect and standard language and I think that´s important. Everybody should be able to talk in both forms. Some people refuse to use dialect because they believe it devalues their position in social life. I think the more languages you kow the better you´ll understand life. And it´s up to you where and when to use which language.

Many of my friends speak dialect but raise their kids only in standard language. They don´t want their children to use the language of their region. That´s a pitty. They are loosing a part of their culture. They don´t understand dialect poems or songs any longer.

Maybe there´ll be a comeback of dialect someday. Instead of animals maybe the dialect will be worth protecting. So, save the dialect;-)

To honor the dialect here the inofficial Austrian Hymn and Fendrich. Enjoy!

Music in the Air

Back in my hot town- it´s summer in the city;-)


I feel good;-) hope, you , too! If not, listen to James Brown´s music. Or maybe you prefer Jazz -from a famous Austrian musician- not Mozart, Strauss, Mahler, Liszt or Haydn-although they are great , too. Today I´m in the mood of Joe Zavinul´s music.(Remember -Birdland in NY?) Or what about Manhattan Transfer- old but good:-)

Relax, enjoy and have a good day;-)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Healthy Present

Got this basket full of fruits and vegetables today and promised to cook and take pictures of it.
Todays minestrone with too much noodles. Who cares, it was good.
Have to print these photos and show them one day.
I´ll live in a very healthy way:-)
Have a good weekend with lots of healthy (and unhealthy) food;-)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cool music


You need to stay awake? Use this music! Doing it right now- and it works!
David Garrett or Tina Turner!!
Have fun;-)))