Friday, February 4, 2011

What a Snowstorm

Just saw some photos from Chicago´s Lakeshore-Drive. OMG- I know that region and hope, everyone is ok out there-despite the snow.
 I´m used to snow but that is beyond me!
A friend had to stay in NY for another night, because his flight had been cancelled.

Tomorrow my course will start, looking forward to seeing my friends.

I don´t have enough time to write and read what I want to, but I hope to be able to start my revisions and write feedback as soon as possible.
Marc-Blue Horse-source :Badische Zeitung

I try to squeeze in some cultural events as well- A MUST--an exhibit about expressionism;)) The blue rider-  Kandinsky,Marc,  Klee and Kubin ! ..and then I´ll attend an Irish Dance Show;) (Seeing them will be my workout for this week;)))lol... and before "Oscar-time" there are a lot of great movies out there- but I won´t have enough time to watch them now.

So, have a great and peaceful weekend everywhere!




  1. I live outside of Chicago and this last blizzard was the worse we've had in decades. MORE snow is predicted for Monday!

  2. In my region we´re getting less snow every year...the weather´s really crazy. I hope, you won´t get the same amount of snow! Still enjoy your weekend !

  3. Franz Marc has always been one of my favorites and I came to him indirectly by way of Else Lasker-Schüler. Still always perks me right up to see blue horsies.

  4. Hi Rob! The exhibit was really great. How come that she brought you to Marc? Did she write about him in her poems?? Anyway, have a good one!


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