Saturday, February 5, 2011


How shall I start?
Life is full of surprises, isn´t it?
Great. We all know that. Remember you last moment of surprise.
Just experienced another one.I wrote about my course, my revisions and therefore my lack of time.
All true. But what´s the moment of surprise ? My boring introduction ;)?
I have 1 and a half day for revising my draft (this time not my novel.)
Where is the surprise??
Ok, the surprising fact : I´m ready right now. No more to revise for now.
That´s beyond me.
How could I finish that early?
Possible answer:
* too less to revise-------not really
* badly done work-------no
* quicker writer, because of writing a lot------think that´s the explanation

But it´s funny to realize changes  in my composing behaviour as well as in my work speed.
So, for tonight, Speedy-mARTy is greeting you------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here I am!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------and now -to bed!¡Arriba!
PS: Hope, you all know Mexico´s fastest mouse-although I´m not a mouse;)))


  1. Ahhhhhhhhh I remember of it! Genial!
    You're great, honey!
    G R E A T!

    Want a piece of cheese? :)))

    Luck, success and accomplishments.
    I'm in the crowd... Yeah!


  2. You know it? Great!I always want cheese;) Yummy! ..and thanks!Happy weekend, beijos e queijos, too.

  3. I remember him too. Here's to your speedy accomplishments!

  4. Cool, he´s known nearly everywhere around the world;) Have a great week, Kala!


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