Saturday, February 12, 2011


 Again some photos from Vienna- the town hall behind a big skating area. I added a plan that you can imagine the place there.

No real writing and reading at the moment. What´s "real" writing? Or reading? Blogging is writing and it really happens--so? Ok, I´m writing mails and posts (not revisions,...), I read travel guides and this one is really cool- great infos and many pics, maps and photos, I love to see what I read about.

USA Nordwesten & Vancouver: Nationalparks, Ski, Inseln, Portland, Seattle, Tierwelt, Restaurants, Aktivurlaub, Rocky Mountains, Kanada
 So, I enjoy my weekend and have fun with friends;) Enjoy your day as well!! In one day, and soon I´ll start with my "real" reading and writing again;)))


  1. I love coming here on your blog. You always have something new to show us. A different picture, a recipe, sweet and friend words... you're a special person. I miss you in the blogosphere.
    Therefore, real or unreal, I like everything I see here. Thank you for all!
    I loved the skating. I just don't know skate! :))
    Beijos e queijos and a nice week, honey!

  2. I am happy to read you enjoyed your weekend and the image you posted looks like such a charming place to go skating!

    Wishing you a good week.

  3. Teca-- nice to see you here! Hope, your week has been well and the weather is warm enough for your walks;) I don´t have much time to post daily, but I try to give updates;)

    Kala--I´m happy to see you here, too. Cannot wait to se your next photo;)Enjoy your day as well, till then;)

  4. I always come here, honey! Even if it takes me to come... I like your blog, your joy, your excitement... and your ideas.
    Don't worry, I don´t have much time to post daily too. Not as much as before...
    And it's been raining a lot here and sometimes the light ends. So I can't use the PC.

    Hey, you know I'll do a year of blogging? I created the blog with no pretensions and now I have so many nice people around me... I'm very happy for that and I don't feel so alone now.

    Beijos e queijos, mARTy! And thanks for being there. ^,^

  5. happy first blogging year! (crazy term;))))
    congrats! you are doing a great job over there- I love visiting your blog as well! I´m curious of your next poem;) beijos , queijos and abrac..?? have a great day!

  6. Yeah! Genial! Great!
    Happy first blogging year!
    You're cool, honey!
    Beijos e queijos.
    And a BIG abraço from me too you! :))


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)