Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time to stop writing

Think, I have written enough today. The funny thing is, I couldn´t stop writing;) The story is nearing the climax, so I have to write that down and find an end. I can´t write a novel without climax and end, you agree with me, do you? It´s so thrilling at the moment, my MC is in troubles, problems are solved now, so no time to stop. Even my cold doesn´t slow down my writing. I need an satisfying end for the draft, I don´t want to stop because NaNo is over. I need it;)
But I have to focus again on my other writing, my assignment. Have to start the 3 chapter at the weekend. Maybe I also want to write and write - and finish soon. NaNo helped me to get prepared for my next challenge as well. And another good thing about writing is--besides the fun and reflections--,  you forget about problems.

Doesn´t want to give up and dares the cold.

Enjoy you day!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Good news:)))))))))))))

Yes!!! Hooray! I did it again- just crossed the finish line!
Nearly 27 hours earlier than expected:)) I wrote faster than last year!!(Thanks B., for the extra motivation today;)
What a feeling!
As participant of this writing marathon, I was so happy to have great writing buddies on my side. Special thanks to Citycyclist and Beth TH;) Without you it wouldn´t have been such an thrilling and funny experience;))
It´s great to win a challenge, so satisfying;)

    It´s unbelievable, what you can achieve with great friends on your side and believe in yourself.

    Thank you all, who made it possible for me to win and have fun;)

This photo-taken today- is just for you;)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Snow!

Writing weekend

Writing some hundred words is not difficult at the moment. I am drifting from one scene to the next amd the next,...
But a problem is to find an end for my novel... have to see, where I ´ll go.
My MCs are difficult to handle sometimes, and it turns out that I have more MC than just one.
Writing surprises not only the reader;), just try it out!


no musical today, promissed;)
Austrian group-Safer Six and Keb' Mo' - Life is beautiful

                                                                Enjoy your day!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Music for Writing

The more I write, the more I love it.

Really fascinating, my development as a "writer". The last 1 and a half years I´ve spent parts of my free time on writing. Writing assignments, writing blog-posts and writing novels.

I have never written that much in my whole life before.And if you had told me that before, I wouldn´t have believed it. My writing euphoria is a mystery for parts of my family and sometimes I can´t explain myself, too. But it is fun and enriching.
Today I spent my day at home, writing and writing.

For winning NaNo I have to write my last 3800 words. This year I think, I can do it.
Although I haven´t found an fitting ending yet, I am optimistic.

My MC still is alive,  I just found names for 2 characters!
Success, finally, after 45.000 words;-) better now than never!

So, keep enjoying your life!

And therefore some music- this time it´s all about musicals. Beginning with the first musical song I learned in my singing lessons;) oohh, so nice! Then I posted the songs in the order I´ve learned them.

Musical-corner: Enjoy!!

# Musical My Fair Lady

# Musical Chess
Susan Boyle duets with Elaine Paige - "I know Him So Well"

#Jesus Christ Superstar

#Musical Elisabeth
Pia Douwes - I belong to me

# Musical West Side Story
Natalie Wood- Tonight


Eli Ross´cartoon inspired me in a way;)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Flowers for your Soul

So, back home again. That early! What a short Birthday-celebration;-) The main person had to cancel the dinner, because he wasn´t able to get there within the next hours, and because of the flue we were just 3 friends to celebrate the b-day child- in his absence. What a day! But we´ll meet again next week. I and my 2 friends had a lovely dinner there, lots of good food.

But, good for me, I have now time to write the missing 800 words or so;-)

In Brasil it is raining a lot-as I ´ve heard- here we expect snow tomorrow. So I´ll post some flowers that reminds us of warm and sunny days, have a good day and relax a bit! Just click on the photo to enlarge it, much better.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Make the best out of your day!
And enjoy some music:)

all about Tchaikovsky´s dance of the sugar plum fairy. If you have never heard a glass harp before, check it out!

#1) first The original version

#2) Glass harmonica-Tchaikovsky, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy ,interesting;)

the same piece, just with a

#3) Glass harp-Tchaikovsky , great!!
Have fun!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just 6 days left

Yes, I´m on my way. I just need to write about 10.000 words, they are doable. I hope so.
After the last three days I realize a little bit of tiredness.
No, I´m not tired of writing, I went to bed too late and had to stand up at 6 in the morning. So, my fault;)

Wrote my daily work, went to work,met MD to celebrate again, next b-day celebration is on friday, again I´ll go out,..at the moment my life is just working, writing and celebrating 1-2 b-days a week.
So, think ,  that explain  why I´m so tired now.

And that´s one explanation why I haven´t finished reading my newest book.
Well, not so new anymore, one of the banned book collection,"Life is Funny"- anyone read that before? I needed some time to get used to that style of writing,...many cursewords, but it deals with real teenager problems (pregnancy,..)

Just 6 days left of NaNo, just 6 days and nights for finishing the novel.
Is that too much time? Or do I need more to find an end?
I don´t know. I hope to be able to write about 1700 words that week to finish with 50.000 words.

It´s  so cool to realize that writing 1700 words in some hours doesn´t feel impossible anymore.
If that is the only thing I have learned through NaNo, I´ll have learned a lot.
Good to know what is possible!

So, try to be a lifelong learner, never give up, believe in yourself, and see what will happen!
Enough wise words for now, have a good one;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Second post today-

my writing really flows;)))
reason for posting is the work of P. Glass. The first time I have heard from this musician : nearly one year ago. This week, because of a dancing event with his music, I found out that he wrote  a soundtrack to a movie, and today I learned, that he composed many soundtracks. For a movie "The Hours" as well- I love that one. Then I read on his homepage about his other works-impressive!

Music corner:
Here some music of Philip Glass
Check it out and have fun;)


Finally I found a way to get unstuck! Hooray!!! Thanks to my writing buddy!
Now I have many ideas and ways to finish the story. Today I wrote hundreds of words and with luck they´ll lead my MC to the final scene;)
My elbow hurts- who cares! I finally write -write with joy and that is all, that counts at the moment .
Have to catch up, but now I´m sure, I´ll do it.
NaNo will be over in some days, time to write, write and write! Just about 15.000 words, not worth mentioning;))))
Have a happy week!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

S (o) T (errible) U (nsatisfying) C (haotic) K (aput)

The last pumkins of the season seem to have more fun than I have at the moment.
I´m stuck, still. :(
No ideas for the story- have to stand up, go out, walk a bit..maybe I´ll find a way to go on with my writing.
So frustrating,  and my MC really turns out to be no hero, just a boring person. Think, I ´ve chosen the wrong theme, the wrong MC:(
You have an idea how to get unstuck?

 Music corner:

Lucinda Childs Dance-performance in Vienna at the end of the month, music by Philip Glass. Just found out that Glass wrote "Truman sleeps" of  the movie the Truman Show. Enjoy!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lost in Words

I am stuck. Today I had to stop writing because I got lost in my MC´s world. I don´t get an idea how to move on. Of course I can throw in other new characters or not expected events...but I can´t. No flow of writing anymore. Maybe I shouldn´t have done so many "time jumps", to many flashbacks, so that I have no idea, how to move on....at the beginnig the flashbacks were fun to write, but now I cannot create other flashbacks, .....so demotivating:( It´s like sitting in a black whole- nothing around you, no ideas, no ways to discover,...just the knowledge of being stuck.)
Ok, maybe I have to be happy about today´s effort- 210 new words, just boring sentences. I came home from a meeting earlier to write my daily pensum, I cancelled another date- and now! Just 210 words!
Shouldn´t have come home so early! This post is as boring and demotivating as my 210 words.
Should have spent the next hours with my friends:((((
Ok, the 2nd week is the hardest...............................................................maybe I ´ll find some words to write down tomorrow. How I hate to be behind my daily goals! This means I have to write a lot more tomorrow than planned.
OMG, should get to 33.500 words tomorrow! I know, I can stop writing at all. But I don´t want to give up. So, maybe a good sleep brings back some ideas.
Sorry, sometimes I have to moan here, because some friends don´t understand my daily writing challenge...
Enough rubbish for today- hope you had a more successful day.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Help! Why am I doing this?

Why does a person try to write 1699 words daily?
Hope to get to almost 30.000 words - would be such a nice and satisfying number! But after work, after all the other daily life stuff it is soooo hard! And about 600 words are missing.

So, why the hell all this torture? (And trust me, writing can be hard, especially the last days.)

Focus again on my intetions for writing 1699 words a day/night -
Hope to achieve fluency in writing! Learn to write through writing
Challenge myself, conquer my weaker self and finish that project!
Have fun!

OK, I want to have fun. Well, have to keep that in mind.
But writers can have good and bad days, not every day is made for having fun in writing.

Monty Python"Always look on the bright side of life!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NaNo wordscore list

Phew! It was hard to get to 26.704 words today- the first time, I didn´t write more than the expected daily wordscore.( P. came back from Turkey, he had great holidays , could relax and looks great , too-glad about that. )  I love the wordscore scale, but last years scale was better for me- there I could see the expected wordscore on the scale, I wrote my own list to have the overview. Tomorrow´s aim are 28.403 words-let´s see. (Visit my fam and bring M. to the doc,...)
Ok, deep breath and go. No, write!

NaNoWriMo pros-cons---a MUST READ

12 reasons to ignore the naysayers-do NanoWriMo, LA-Times

P.S.: Interesting for me to know, that now this blog has more pageviews a day (about 60) than my other blogs- although I have 52 followers on my photoblog. Hmmm, why? Is writing about my NaNoWriMo challenge so interesting? Just wondering...But it´s cool, in other words: I´m happy about that fact;-)  Have a good one!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Self-belief +Strong Will

Quotes of the day:
Faith can move mountains.  Correct.
Self-belief is important- especially during NaNoWriMo.  True.
It´s unbelievable, what you can achieve, when you believe in yourself, your abilities.  Right.
A strong will is essential for everything. (Something I have to work on;)) So true.
At the moment- it is a lot easier to write 1699 words a day than resist these yummy calories.
But I chose tea instead of juice- so no calories;))
So forget about the calories- I just count words;-)
So, enjoy your lunch, brunch or whatever-( just count words as a WriMoer)
have a great day;-)
P.S.: Interesting posts about NaNoWriMo

Sunday, November 14, 2010

There are times for...

writing, and times for doing other things.
I´ve written enough this weekend- so time to go out today;-)
In an hour I´ll drive to the city and meet a friend there. First we´ll spend some time outside- I need fresh air!!!Then, in the evening we ´ll go to a cabaret.
Looking forward to that.

Remember, everyone needs a break sometimes! Don´t forget that-even during WriMo.
So, relax and have fun!

How do you relax today?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Phew! Outch!

wordscore assignment: 5.049 !!!Phew;-P
wordscore wrimo:1.663
result: nearing typist´s cramp- outch!
and chanigng all lerttes...
quetsion: am i crazy?
anwser:yes, i soppuse!
hvae a graet , carzy weekned

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I´m so happy that I have written nearly two fifths of my draft.
But it costs more energy than I have thought.
Although I can write more in less time (compared to last year)- this year is filled with too many distractions, some of them were present the whole time I was writing today....
The more distractions and troubles around the harder it gets to stay focused. Sometimes focused writing is next to impossible.
First time I´ve thought about giving up, but I can´t stand losing.
My MC is such a boring person, the story is nearly over- but I hope to get to 25000 words.
That is better than nothing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Troubles in Composing Funny Lines;-)

Enough writing for today.
I have never realized , how hard it is to write funny stories, or  at least somefunny parts.
And another great insight- I have never written a humorous piece before.
Firstly, at school, where all my previous writing took place, I had to write essays, summaries,...but never a piece of writing , where humour was essential.
Secondly, I have started to "write" more than a year ago- so not enough time to get experienced in jolly writing. But I need funny parts in my draft!!!
But all the characters have to get through their hard lives, no time for fun.
Well, there would be some space that could be filled with great jokes, funny moments-- but I have no idea how to write these funny lines.
Wait for tomorrow´s flash of inspiration.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NaNoWriMo takes over

Wish, I would have a clear storyline for my novel ;-) not so many different ideas about it.
These circuits diagrams are clear and understandable for technicians;
I hope, my plot will get that structured some day in the future-
ok, I would be happy, if there were any structures at all.
That has to happen soon, otherwise I will be lost in my novel,completely.
At least, I as the writer have be able to control the story.
No, that´s not true. on the one hand I wish, my characters would take over;-)
but on the othe one I don´t want to lose control over my characters, nevertheless, I should be able to understand everything going on in my story...
-should I? 

Wrimo takes over- hard to disappoint friends because of cancelling dates,... but I´m good in time.
And that crazy month will be over soon;-) Then I´ve time to write more for the course...phew!
Ok, I have to stay focused, otherwise I´d freak out-just a tiny bit

Sunday, November 7, 2010


While America is sleeping, technicians are doing a little maintenance on the  NaNoWriMo-site. So, again time to write- but I wanted to be motivated by my buddies´words score scale:-(

Time to find other ways to increase my intrinsic motivation... If I don´t find ways, I´ll have to try my newest tea of my collection- called TURBO-TEA. Cool name, isn´t it? Green tea + ginseng;
Let´s wait for the effects;-) ...maybe TURBO-WRITING!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


If you ever feel cold, just use too much ginger for your carrot-soup.Wow! I know about the possibility to stretch the soup with water- result:I have enough soup for my whole family now;-) But it´s healthy as well and I need to stay healthy anyway. I used not only carrots, potatoes, ginger and savory- I added some cinnamon, too. Despite the fact that it is too hot, it´s really tasty.

I´m just wondering whether I should be glad about the technical problems of the Wrimo site or not. The slowness in the evening brought me back to writing more words for my novel.
Novel seems to be a too big word for my writing, but anyway...

Have a great weekend!

Here´s another writing song for you- Beatles, Paperback Writer

Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5-

just learned about Guy Fawkes’ Day celebrated in England, and here it´s Tea Day- celebrating black and green tea. I have never heard about both days before, well, time to introduce another tea-song

Music-corner: Tea rap

 I love the rhythm , the bass line and the way they integrated classical music;) (Vivaldi´s "spring"/ 4 seasons) That are the reasons for posting it. The refrain is not mine (... too many F- words-but it´s funny in way:-)) but I am in a good mood after listening to itHelped me to get over 9ooo words. Yeah! 5th day of WriMo-writing is fun, but it´s getting harder and harder. But I topped today´s aim of 8335 words- so I´m satisfied.
So, rock, write and enjoy music;-)
maybe the classical version: Vivaldi´s spring
Have a great day / night!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I love even numbers- time to celebrate my 10th follower here, my 20 th on my art-block and a big welcome to all 50 followers on my photo-blog! It´s nice to have you around;-) ..and thanks for all comments!
So, can you imagine, how hard it is for me to write down my daily words score- often uneven numbers;)
But today I wrote as long as possible to get 7010 words done.  Joke!!Lol!
Tomorrow´s goal of 8335 words is not that nice- so maybe I´ll get 8444 done:-)
but honestly, I´ll be glad to write the 8335th word at all!
So, wish you a nice day/night and enjoy what you are doing.
Rock and write!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yes!! Finally I could update my words score:))) I love the scales there.

Now I could relax and eat my tomato sauce with rice ( a typical quick meal here).
But- I won´t do it now.  Just write some hundred words, then I feel better.
Have to write more today, because tomorrow will be a really busy day...      Today´s inspiration;)
So, rock and write! 


New media are really helpful in writing. I love to write on the laptop, google certain subjects, love to see my words scale grow (NaNoWriMo) , the more I write- the higher the words scale. The scale and writing buddies are the motivational part of WriMo.
But new technilogies can hit the wall-experienced yesterday and today.
I cannot update my wordscore--" Too many connections" at the same moment are the reason.
......frustrating, not being able to see the progress in my writing on the scale.
This year, the NaNoWriMo site is soooo slowly.
But to see it in a positive way- sooooooooo many users are interested in writing a novel.
Hope , they can solve the technical problems soon. Otherwise it will be difficult to motivate myself to write a lot.
Have a good one!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

For all of you, who need to move the body..

I love writing- and dancing , too.
The last 2 days I´ve written a lot, therefore I didn´t go out (just for lunch and a quick walk). So I realize that I need to move my body.
Let´s dance!

Mamma Mia Dancing Queen Pier Dance.

Success on the one hand- frustration on the other one

Just have to write about my anger- maybe I feel better than.

You know about my 2 writing projects - the crazy fun approach of NaNoWriMo (where I want to write a novel-draft within 30 days) and my course-assignment.

First I´ve thought that I wouldn´t be able to write the novel besides my daily work (ok, I´m still on holidays here, it´s my last day and tomorrow I´ll face reality;)
The fact is, that at the moment (during holidays- please note) I have no problems with my WriMo- project. Success here, failure there.

Well, that brings me to my course writing.I ´m having the same troubles as I had once before -- I  find fitting articles - but nearly all of them must be paid for or I have to be registered as a member of a certain website!!!!!!! Internet is great but I don´t want to pay for articles where I can read just an excerpt. I pay for books, ok.
Is everything commercial out there?

Horrible, but I´ve already ordered the next book, hope it won´t be delivered again to Australia- and I won´t get it with a 3 weeks delay... that´s the frustrating part of my writing at the moment, the lack of access to literature.
Well, however, the good thing is, that my other project motivates me to write each day, so I am not that frustrated. I know (most of the time;-), that I´ll do it anyway , but it could be a lot easier...

So, enough self-pity for today! Now I feel ready to search for more lit;)

Time to go back to my writing- for both projects.
Enjoy your day, rock and write!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I rocked it today!

First day of WriMo is a holiday here, where these long plaited buns are given to friends. The free day is the reason, why I could write a bit more than expected. I won´t be too negative, but I´ll celebrate this day by eating a piece of the bun (no, not just 1). I´m sure , during the week besides the job and all the other stuff I have to do, I´m not able to write the expected word account. But today I could do it! Yes!!
Now after a 7 hours writing marathon , I will stop for today. (No, I haven´t used all time writing my novel:) I also wrote some pages for my course:)  I don´t want to praise myself but today I´ve done a good job so I´m proud of my achievements.

So, writers, let´s rock and write!! Have a good one!