Friday, November 26, 2010

Flowers for your Soul

So, back home again. That early! What a short Birthday-celebration;-) The main person had to cancel the dinner, because he wasn´t able to get there within the next hours, and because of the flue we were just 3 friends to celebrate the b-day child- in his absence. What a day! But we´ll meet again next week. I and my 2 friends had a lovely dinner there, lots of good food.

But, good for me, I have now time to write the missing 800 words or so;-)

In Brasil it is raining a lot-as I ´ve heard- here we expect snow tomorrow. So I´ll post some flowers that reminds us of warm and sunny days, have a good day and relax a bit! Just click on the photo to enlarge it, much better.


  1. Actually it has been raining a lot here... too much water kills the plant... kills lives... :(

    Thank you for the virtual warmth. People should always be that way with each other.

    I love sunflowers! I love flowers! Thank you!

    Cheers! You're a special person!

    Kisses with love...


  2. The smiley is nice, thanks;)
    You cheered me up in hard times, so I just tried to do the same for you.
    Big hug, and never give up to think in a positive way! Have a nice weekend.


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)