Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5-

just learned about Guy Fawkes’ Day celebrated in England, and here it´s Tea Day- celebrating black and green tea. I have never heard about both days before, well, time to introduce another tea-song

Music-corner: Tea rap

 I love the rhythm , the bass line and the way they integrated classical music;) (Vivaldi´s "spring"/ 4 seasons) That are the reasons for posting it. The refrain is not mine (... too many F- words-but it´s funny in way:-)) but I am in a good mood after listening to itHelped me to get over 9ooo words. Yeah! 5th day of WriMo-writing is fun, but it´s getting harder and harder. But I topped today´s aim of 8335 words- so I´m satisfied.
So, rock, write and enjoy music;-)
maybe the classical version: Vivaldi´s spring
Have a great day / night!

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