Sunday, November 14, 2010

There are times for...

writing, and times for doing other things.
I´ve written enough this weekend- so time to go out today;-)
In an hour I´ll drive to the city and meet a friend there. First we´ll spend some time outside- I need fresh air!!!Then, in the evening we ´ll go to a cabaret.
Looking forward to that.

Remember, everyone needs a break sometimes! Don´t forget that-even during WriMo.
So, relax and have fun!

How do you relax today?

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  1. Honey, I did some things here at home, then I went out to lunch with my mother. I drank a delicious beer, I ate a tasty dish, talked a lot... now I hear music, I think of friends, I write to you...
    Sunday is the day to relax, to do anything to keep our legs in the air... :D
    Kisses with love ... and life in the heart.


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