Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday On Ice - Energia Premiere Berlin 2010

Enjoy the video about the world´s greatest ice-show;)

Had a discussion with B. about my assignment, was interesting;) but exhausting as well- had to explain every chapter, because he really was interested in it...only problem: : I was too tired for thoughtful explanations. Have to talk about it another time.

I haven´t finished my novel yet, but I´m on my way. My aim is to write the final scenes this year;)) But my MC are too stubborn sometimes and don´t want to join the setting, I have prepared for them...my o my...but I´m looking forward to printing the first draft;)) Love to read real "books". So , time for bed--good night!


  1. A fabulous show! Thanks for sharing...

    Now the rain is falling between lightning and tremendous gray sky...

    Have a good week, honey!
    Success and achievements.
    A big BEIJO.

  2. thanks as well for the link to Kitaro´s music-
    I love music and it´s great to learn something new. He´s a musician I have never heard of , but his music is great- a bit like Vangelis, Enigma,...Check this one out: Adiemus- cool sound;)

  3. Thank you, honey! I love music too and I like to learn new sounds. I've never heard of Adiemus, just Enigma and Vangelis.
    By the way, a virtual friend of mine wrote about Enigma here: http://todoslossilenciosguardados.blogspot.com/2010/11/deja-que-el-ritmo-sea-la-luz-que-te.html

    Hopefully we can exchange lots of interesting information.
    Hugs, mARTy, and... beijos e queijos. :))))

  4. Nice music there, too! I tried to translate a bit, but it was too difficult;) do you know the music of Hans Zimmer? A German composer. He wrote lots of soundtracks- here´s a link to his music-enjoy and have fun;)



    I think, I have to post some of his music in my blog...

  5. Yes, honey, I know Hans Zimmer... thank you!



  6. Ahh, well! Nothing new for you-maybe next time;)

  7. Ah... no problem, honey... I hear anyway... ;)


    Many beijos and queijos.


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