Friday, December 3, 2010


************Winter impressions************** ********************************************


Dean Martin - Let it Snow!

Jazz-version-same song
Diana Krall - Let it snow

Dean Martin - Baby It's Cold Outside
He has a great voice, hasn´t he?

Newer version-same song:
Willie Nelson ft. Norah Jones - Baby It's Cold Outside

 Wintersong - Sarah McLachlan

BTW, compare this photo with the one before....much more snow**************


  1. Dean Martin... yes, he has a great voice!

    They're delightful musics for dancing... I love dancing...

    Thank you for sharing, honey!

    A warm hug.

  2. I love dancing, too. The "ball-season" has started here, the highlight will be the Viennese opera ball, lots of people, ...
    You have similar events like these "balls"(=~dance-events) in Brasil? (except carnival)
    Big hug and have a wonderful weekend, mARTY

  3. There are many events throughout the states of Brasil. In Rio it's most common events with music, concerts, etc.
    By the way, have you ever been to Brasil? Do you know here?

    Beijos, honey, many beijos, and a Saturday of peace and joy.

    With love.

  4. No, have never been there, too far away ;)
    But it seems to be an interesting country.
    So, lovely weekend;), enjoy it!

  5. Honey, there's no such place as far away...

    Hey! That's a good ideia for reading!
    Look: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0006477305/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&seller=

    By the way... where do you live? Answer if you want it, of course.

    Oh! How amazing you are... thank you!

    Sweet beijos. :))

  6. hey, that book really exists;) cool title.
    What are you reading at the moment?

  7. At the moment I'm reading four books. Yeah, I'm like that: a little at a time.
    I'm reading three books: two of Brazilian Augusto Cury and one of his daughter, Camila Cury.



    And the other is The Shack by William P. Young.


    Off the books, I listen to much music of every kind! \o/ \o/ \o/


    No, I'm not crazy! :)))

    Abraços e laços.

  8. a cabana = the shack (original version), right?
    found it in German as well, subtitle "A weekend with God". Sounds to be an interesting read.

    and I can understand your interest in music- I am interested in nearly all kinds of music, too.

    I´m also reading several books at the same time, because-like music- it depend on my mood, what I want to read at that time;)

    ...therefore I need so long to finish one. I try to finish "Life is funny", but the read is interrupted by travel guides and other books...

    you are interested in music- you know that? Playing for change? http://playingforchange.com/episodes/36/Dark_Was_The_Night

    pretty cool stuff, enjoy;) beijos, queijos- what a difficult language;)--so, to challenge you as well,I wish you a gute Nacht und schöne Träume;) lol

  9. Dear, I know nothing in german, but google translate can help me sometimes. :))

    And... don't worry about my poor english, OK?

    I also wish you good night and sweet dreams. Here is still 19 h and then I can do many things until bedtime. In Portuguese you say: BOA NOITE E DOCES SONHOS.

    Ah ... I'm very happy with our contact through the blogosphere. You have been a big friend to me. ^,^

    About the music, I really enjoyed it.


  10. Sorry... I forgot tell you...

    I know this video... I love this song!


    Now I'll leave you with your sweet dreams and night sleep.

    Kisses, my dear friend.


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