Sunday, December 5, 2010

Writing and baking with music ;)

"Baby, it´s cold ouside." Yes, it is. (-22° C/ -7 ,5 °F in the night!!! BRRR! But now it´s warmer-just -13°C ;))) But what an earworm! I could not stop hearing that song...now it really is enough! Have to get it out of my head and listen to Robbie Williams´ music. He is a great entertainer and musician, don´t reduce him to songs of the group "Take That".

My novel is coming to an end -at least the main story. It is interesting, how my MCs have changed the story;) Well, I´m not crazy, but sometimes I have the feeling, that all I have to do is to lend them my words and then they create interesting scenes.I know, it sounds weird. But somewhere I read that the aim of each writer is to create MCs, who come alive and "develop" the plot. So, I seem to be a lucky person- although my writing is poor;)
So, I just let them do, whatever they want to do. Wow, I´m such a generous person:) lol!!!! I let them do my work, writing it´s a lot easier this way:)
Why haven´t I thought of that 50.000 words before? Then I´d have had more time for other things, like baking!

BTW, I just baked a cake, created a new recipe. Well, I just took 4 eggs,a bit of sugar, floor, some chopped nuts and "Mozart liqueur" (= white chocolate liqueur).
So easy to make and sooooo delicious! And the smell of the cake, hmmmm.

I wrote 2 pages in the morning, now I have to write some more. Then it´s time to see fam and friends...

so, wish you all a relaxing Sunday;) Enjoy your spare time!

Music corner:
Robbie, singing a Dean Martin song:Ain´t that a kick?


  1. Ahahahhaha you really are very generous... but until now I didn't understand exactly what you have to do. Create a new story or develop a story from a pre-set storyline?
    Write, write, write without stopping and then someone comes and changes everything? Thing of crazy, no? Ahahahahaha It's better cooking, eat and relax later...

    And what was the cake? Gave me mouth water. Before coming here I made a chocolate mousse to dessert. Only chocolate bars and eggs. Modesty aside, it'ss wonderful! Never holds anything! :))))

    mARTy... I loved the musics! I've had willpower to quit dancing around... I learned to dance with my father. I'm not expert, but I know a little. Let us?


    Thank you for bringing me one more moment of joy.
    Beijos e queijos.
    With love.

  2. Hi Teca!Well, I try to write a novel,or better-finish it. I need to create an ending, and I have just a glimmer of idea, how it could end. I love to write, it´s thrilling, and now, I don´t have the "pressure" of having to write 1699 words a day as a NaNoWrimo participant;) cool thing;)

    The cake was great!! What about your mousse? Have never tried to make one before.

    Thanks for the link- yes, Sinatra is great , too!
    Here another song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OId8ByO4jg&feature=related

    Beijos e quejos! Have a good evening! Don´t dance too much;)

  3. mARTy, you're very kind! ^,^

    Now I understood about your writings. Ah... the charm you have in writing, you will know easily finish the novel. Relax your body, listening to good music and dreaming... then when you least expect it, you'll find a good ending to your novel. :)))

    The chocolate mousse was wonderful! There was nothing to send you for tasting. :))) If you want I can teach you how to do, is really very easy.

    I'm reviewing some songs that I like to listen to, music to dance and dream. Dance, sing, dream... good things to do on a day like today. \o\ /o/ \o/ /o\

    A big BEIJO for you, dear sweet friend!

  4. Easy recipes are great;) I´m ready for taking notes!

  5. Ingredients:
    A semi bitter chocolate bar
    5 eggs
    5 tablespoons sugar

    1 - In a bowl, melt the chocolate bar in microwaves and, after cooling, mix well with the three gems well beaten.
    2 - In another bowl, beat the egg whites and then add the sugar, mixing well.
    Finally, gently mix 1 and 2 to form a homogeneous mixture.
    Refrigerate to cool and harden.
    (I prefer preparing the mousse the day before).
    Then tell me if it was good!



    To be honest, I make double recipe! \o/ \o/

    Sweet beijos! ;)

  6. Thanks, have to try it--then I´ll tell you, how it worked (better: how it tasted;) Have a good one!


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)