Monday, November 15, 2010

Self-belief +Strong Will

Quotes of the day:
Faith can move mountains.  Correct.
Self-belief is important- especially during NaNoWriMo.  True.
It´s unbelievable, what you can achieve, when you believe in yourself, your abilities.  Right.
A strong will is essential for everything. (Something I have to work on;)) So true.
At the moment- it is a lot easier to write 1699 words a day than resist these yummy calories.
But I chose tea instead of juice- so no calories;))
So forget about the calories- I just count words;-)
So, enjoy your lunch, brunch or whatever-( just count words as a WriMoer)
have a great day;-)
P.S.: Interesting posts about NaNoWriMo


  1. Now, at this time, I would like them: the cake and the tea. I'm hungry... I think I'll eat something before going to bed... and so I can read a little...
    Let you write for me. ;)

    Kisses... with love and a...

    Wonderful week! Full of happiness and achievements.

  2. It's almost that the English translation:

    People I like...

    First of all

    I like people that vibrates, that we should not push, do not have to tell you to do things, but who knows what to do and it takes less time than expected.

    I like people with ability to measure the consequences of their actions, people who do not leave random solutions.

    I like people with his people and strict with yourself, but do not lose sight that we are human and can make mistakes.

    I like people who think that team work, among friends, it produces more chaotic than individual efforts.

    I like people who know the importance of joy.

    I like sincere and honest people capable of opposing with calm and reasonable arguments.

    I like people to approach, which is not ashamed to admit that he does not know something or he was wrong.

    I like people to accept their mistakes, no genuine effort to make them again.

    I like people able to criticize constructively and in front, I call them my friends.

    I like people who are loyal and persistent, they do not die when goals and ideas in question.

    I like the people who work for results. With people like that, I commit to anything, and that having people on my side that I paid for it.


  3. ahhh, that was it about-thanks for translating!


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)