Monday, November 22, 2010

Second post today-

my writing really flows;)))
reason for posting is the work of P. Glass. The first time I have heard from this musician : nearly one year ago. This week, because of a dancing event with his music, I found out that he wrote  a soundtrack to a movie, and today I learned, that he composed many soundtracks. For a movie "The Hours" as well- I love that one. Then I read on his homepage about his other works-impressive!

Music corner:
Here some music of Philip Glass
Check it out and have fun;)

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  1. Second comment today! \o/

    I've posted in the Sedimentos a Philip Glass's music, but can not remember when.

    It was this video, which now I put the link here, for you, with my love and admiration:

    See you around...


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