Sunday, November 28, 2010

Writing weekend

Writing some hundred words is not difficult at the moment. I am drifting from one scene to the next amd the next,...
But a problem is to find an end for my novel... have to see, where I ´ll go.
My MCs are difficult to handle sometimes, and it turns out that I have more MC than just one.
Writing surprises not only the reader;), just try it out!


no musical today, promissed;)
Austrian group-Safer Six and Keb' Mo' - Life is beautiful

                                                                Enjoy your day!


  1. You're beautiful indeed!

    Thanks for listening. I didn't know this austrian group, it is very fun.

    Well, I guess I'll leave you quiet! :D

    A big hug of thanks, dear friend!

    By the way... will you show us the novel you're writing?

  2. You´re welcome, dear Teca!

    I won´t post my draft here, I don´t want to scare my followers with my poor writing;) lol! I am not a good writer,unfortunately, but one who has fun doing that and loves it;)but if you are brave enough and interested in reading a story written in my second language, I might email it to you;)

    you can´t know this musicians because they are all just playing for fun once a month or so in little bars, they have other jobs to earn their living.


  3. so I forgot to finish my comment-
    have a good evening! Here it has started to snow some hours ago!!!
    Have a good one!

  4. While it's snowing there, here we have the sun to warm the soul. You know, mARTy, I think the snow is very pretty, but I don't like cold weather. The cold is only good enough to eat, stay near the fireplace and sleeping... under blankets and warm... close to our love. :)

    What is your second language? I only read in Portuguese, Spanish and English. I write and speak Portuguese and some English. So if you want to send me your draft in German, for example, I'll give lots of laughs with lots of different letters and I'll find mixed. : D

    Well, I found that you are a person that makes me talk nonstop... makes me write, write, write... \O/ \o/ \o/ And then I get more excited... I feel better... better talking to you.

    Virtual friend is all good! Thanks, honey!

    Kisses and hugs from teca sapeca peteca. ^,^

  5. Hey, great! You write and write! Then you can start to write a novel as well;)..and , no worries,my novel--aahh, my draft-- is written in English!

  6. Oh! Sorry! I said draft... of course you're a good writer of novels and I belittling your dowries.
    I brought you:


    A wonderful week, honey!

    Kiss with love.

  7. remember, what we said about translation problems? Did you get my joke?(novel-draft):))..and thanks for the flowers! Pleasant week for you, too!


    I got it, honey! Don't worry!
    I also play a lot! And... despite this... you're a good writer of novels, aren't you? ;)

    \O/ \o/ \o/

    Kisses with love and lots of yellow flowers.

  9. Hey, I almost forgot to mention:

    I loved that your art on the side here: Corona!

    Wonderful! Outstanding!

    Kisses from a fan. ;)

  10. Thanks, dear fan;)
    We have to work on our jokes;) lol, but we´ll do it! That´s the challenge for 2 people, writing in their second language. But challenges make life interesting and thrilling.
    So,I wanted to end with a joke, but I don´t find one at the moment. So, sorry, you´ve to imagine now, I´ve told you a great one ;)

  11. Don't provoke my imagination. It can go further than you think... :O


    It's always nice to come here.
    Thank you for those moments of laughter.
    Love... and love... and love... and... hum... let me see...

    A big BEIJO! Is it good for you?

    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)