Friday, November 19, 2010

Lost in Words

I am stuck. Today I had to stop writing because I got lost in my MC´s world. I don´t get an idea how to move on. Of course I can throw in other new characters or not expected events...but I can´t. No flow of writing anymore. Maybe I shouldn´t have done so many "time jumps", to many flashbacks, so that I have no idea, how to move on....at the beginnig the flashbacks were fun to write, but now I cannot create other flashbacks, .....so demotivating:( It´s like sitting in a black whole- nothing around you, no ideas, no ways to discover,...just the knowledge of being stuck.)
Ok, maybe I have to be happy about today´s effort- 210 new words, just boring sentences. I came home from a meeting earlier to write my daily pensum, I cancelled another date- and now! Just 210 words!
Shouldn´t have come home so early! This post is as boring and demotivating as my 210 words.
Should have spent the next hours with my friends:((((
Ok, the 2nd week is the hardest...............................................................maybe I ´ll find some words to write down tomorrow. How I hate to be behind my daily goals! This means I have to write a lot more tomorrow than planned.
OMG, should get to 33.500 words tomorrow! I know, I can stop writing at all. But I don´t want to give up. So, maybe a good sleep brings back some ideas.
Sorry, sometimes I have to moan here, because some friends don´t understand my daily writing challenge...
Enough rubbish for today- hope you had a more successful day.

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