Saturday, November 20, 2010

S (o) T (errible) U (nsatisfying) C (haotic) K (aput)

The last pumkins of the season seem to have more fun than I have at the moment.
I´m stuck, still. :(
No ideas for the story- have to stand up, go out, walk a bit..maybe I´ll find a way to go on with my writing.
So frustrating,  and my MC really turns out to be no hero, just a boring person. Think, I ´ve chosen the wrong theme, the wrong MC:(
You have an idea how to get unstuck?

 Music corner:

Lucinda Childs Dance-performance in Vienna at the end of the month, music by Philip Glass. Just found out that Glass wrote "Truman sleeps" of  the movie the Truman Show. Enjoy!

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