Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NaNoWriMo takes over

Wish, I would have a clear storyline for my novel ;-) not so many different ideas about it.
These circuits diagrams are clear and understandable for technicians;
I hope, my plot will get that structured some day in the future-
ok, I would be happy, if there were any structures at all.
That has to happen soon, otherwise I will be lost in my novel,completely.
At least, I as the writer have be able to control the story.
No, that´s not true. on the one hand I wish, my characters would take over;-)
but on the othe one I don´t want to lose control over my characters, nevertheless, I should be able to understand everything going on in my story...
-should I? 

Wrimo takes over- hard to disappoint friends because of cancelling dates,... but I´m good in time.
And that crazy month will be over soon;-) Then I´ve time to write more for the course...phew!
Ok, I have to stay focused, otherwise I´d freak out-just a tiny bit

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