Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Success on the one hand- frustration on the other one

Just have to write about my anger- maybe I feel better than.

You know about my 2 writing projects - the crazy fun approach of NaNoWriMo (where I want to write a novel-draft within 30 days) and my course-assignment.

First I´ve thought that I wouldn´t be able to write the novel besides my daily work (ok, I´m still on holidays here, it´s my last day and tomorrow I´ll face reality;)
The fact is, that at the moment (during holidays- please note) I have no problems with my WriMo- project. Success here, failure there.

Well, that brings me to my course writing.I ´m having the same troubles as I had once before -- I  find fitting articles - but nearly all of them must be paid for or I have to be registered as a member of a certain website!!!!!!! Internet is great but I don´t want to pay for articles where I can read just an excerpt. I pay for books, ok.
Is everything commercial out there?

Horrible, but I´ve already ordered the next book, hope it won´t be delivered again to Australia- and I won´t get it with a 3 weeks delay... that´s the frustrating part of my writing at the moment, the lack of access to literature.
Well, however, the good thing is, that my other project motivates me to write each day, so I am not that frustrated. I know (most of the time;-), that I´ll do it anyway , but it could be a lot easier...

So, enough self-pity for today! Now I feel ready to search for more lit;)

Time to go back to my writing- for both projects.
Enjoy your day, rock and write!

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