Monday, August 23, 2010

Time is precious

I told you, I hated computers some days ago because they caused flight delays.
Now I´m not quite sure whether to hate my laptop or myself.......all my written text is gone. What did I do? Ok, whatever, summing up I finished my last assignments yesterday, this week I spend my time on visiting family and friends (I haven´t seen some of them for several weeks), on cleaning my flat, ironing T-shirt, jeans (I found out that I have too much clothes!), well, I also blog a lot as you see, sort my photos,.....All in all I do things I love to do exept ironing...

Having time is wonderful,...and time is precious! Never forget that! Don´t waste your time and take care;-) Have a wonderful week!

Music corner: R. Williams, Angels

GRIN (((-:

Aha! Therefore !!!

I ordered my book for the previous course in June;-))))Today I got my book from England via Australia! Yeahhh!

A little World Travel!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Color your Life;-)

Searched for some mandalas for kids and also found some for me;-)))

- here it is and an artist´s site, who creates mandala plates- really cool!
Murano-glass pendant

Saturday, August 21, 2010


3 tenors- medley;-) sooooooooo lovely!
My way - no more to say
Must hear:
Domingo, Villazón & Netrebko - Dein ist mein ganzes Herz
La Traviata - Libiamo, ne' lieti calici..Netrebko, Villazon- Salzburg




Curry Wurst


Miniature World

Back home again:-)Every time I fly home I´m glad to live where I´m living although there are many great places out there.

After some days in Hamburg where I saw QM2 I have to clean the flat, iron the shirts,... well, this has to be done, anyway.
Yesterday our flight was delayed because of technical problems:-( One tyre had to be changed (how relaxing to know) and then the air traffic control had technical problems as well.("Computer glitch delays hundreds of flights"-economist.com)
I love computers but yesterday I hated them. Wright brothers didn´t have such problems.

Back to Hamburg- after having seen the world´s largest, highest,...passenger liner we tried to eat many specialities like curry-wurst (sausage with curry), maties (young fish) and other things. I enjoyed eating everything but curry wurst. But I have to try everything to get known with a culture; so I can learn new things and find out what I haven´t missed till now;-) But it´s exciting to experience new stuff.
We also visited Messmer´s Tea World. If you are a "tea-fanatic" you have to check out this page
You´ll find great ínformation there. Worth visiting;-)I bought so much tea there -I couldn´t resist but the cold time will come soon and now I drink enough ice tea;-) Yes, I´m an teamaniac;-)

We also visited Spicy´s museum- the world of spices and herbs- I loved the smell there and I love to use them in the kitchen(and for health reasons;-)

Here some pics from Northern Germany;-)

Friday, August 13, 2010

**************************? No.

Didn´t see one meteor yesterday:-( because
-it isn´t dark enough in the city
-it was a bit cloudy
-I went to bed too early;-)

Newspapers wrote about 100 meteors within an hour.
Ok, I saw pictures, heard M.´s story about observing them,...
Next year - next possibility****************************

Finished my course today; actually tomorrow is my last meeting- conference time.
Ready to start the project- after Hamburg.

Oohh-my goodness! what a thunderstorm...starts hailing...hope everyone´ll come home without troubles-especially md.

so, forgot what I wanted to write; I really worry too much sometimes...
Take care out there.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Meteor Shower!!!

*****************ATTENTION! " Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight!"(National Geography)
Good luck for observers;-)


I need some time to relax. Not because of too much work, just because of too much reflecting, wondering,.... Thinking is hard work, although I really love it. But according to all learning methods learners / thinkers need breaks in between. So this kind of writing fits perfectly;-)

2 days ago I chose a topic to write about. Finally! It´s hard for me to make a decision under pressure- time pressure. This course hasn´t been a long one and it is nearly over; tomorrow will be the last day together ...wow. Block 5...

I realize that I don´t have the same energy as at the beginning.Don´t find many words right now. Not unusual after a periode of writing and reading. So for now I have to focus my attention on my new project and edit and revise some writings.

Keep thinking and don´t forget the little breaks!

Monday, August 9, 2010

But, but,but.......but therefore

Writing is really a cool thing...why haven´t I started to write earlier? Missed a lot of fun and challenges, that´s for sure.
At the moment I enjoy updating my blog;-) this is great opportunity to relax and clear my mind and come up with new ideas.
New ideas! I am a creative person, open for new ideas and ways of thinking, who loves to reflect BUT ...
I have made the experience that I also can have too many great ideas.
What´s the problem with a lot of great ideas you might ask. Actually there is nothing wrong with that BUT...
Too many ideas make it hard to decide on one.
Well, I can´t decide on one idea because I find both topics worth writing about.
Have to make a list concerning all pros and cons!Hope that helps a bit.
Problem solved? I´ll see.
My parents just came back from Stockholm and they enjoyed the trip. I had some persuasive arguments for flying to Sweden. I love that coountry! Such a great nature and such good food! Especially all kinds of fish (smoked or not...)
Persuasive- I love that word. Have to write one persuasive letter now;-) BUT...
that won´t be my last persuasive piece! Be ready for more!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Some holiday- impressions

Sea with the little island, castle and the famous and yummy cream cake of Bled, a city in Slovenia.

Creamcake: filo pastry, whipped cream, vanilla-cream-what a low calorie diet;-) Again too much good food... but I love food!

And we had smoked trout, too. So delicious! We ate it in Carinthia- Austria... sooooo tasty,-)

One picture is from the balkony of our pension, so quiet there, the lake is Faaker See, surrounded by mountains and trees...

The other pictures were taken in Burgenland, where we stayed 3 days, too.

Old little wine cellar with reed roof and on the other one you see an old grape press, my parents have a smaller one at home.

Well, one part of my holidays is over but the next will follow in some days, after the next course. Just booked a flight to Hamburg. Anyone been there and has some insider tips?

Oops, just found out I didn´t post pictures from Hungary, have to find one...but Szombathely(a city there) isn´t as interesting as Budapest.