Thursday, August 12, 2010


I need some time to relax. Not because of too much work, just because of too much reflecting, wondering,.... Thinking is hard work, although I really love it. But according to all learning methods learners / thinkers need breaks in between. So this kind of writing fits perfectly;-)

2 days ago I chose a topic to write about. Finally! It´s hard for me to make a decision under pressure- time pressure. This course hasn´t been a long one and it is nearly over; tomorrow will be the last day together ...wow. Block 5...

I realize that I don´t have the same energy as at the beginning.Don´t find many words right now. Not unusual after a periode of writing and reading. So for now I have to focus my attention on my new project and edit and revise some writings.

Keep thinking and don´t forget the little breaks!

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