Monday, August 9, 2010

But, but,but.......but therefore

Writing is really a cool thing...why haven´t I started to write earlier? Missed a lot of fun and challenges, that´s for sure.
At the moment I enjoy updating my blog;-) this is great opportunity to relax and clear my mind and come up with new ideas.
New ideas! I am a creative person, open for new ideas and ways of thinking, who loves to reflect BUT ...
I have made the experience that I also can have too many great ideas.
What´s the problem with a lot of great ideas you might ask. Actually there is nothing wrong with that BUT...
Too many ideas make it hard to decide on one.
Well, I can´t decide on one idea because I find both topics worth writing about.
Have to make a list concerning all pros and cons!Hope that helps a bit.
Problem solved? I´ll see.
My parents just came back from Stockholm and they enjoyed the trip. I had some persuasive arguments for flying to Sweden. I love that coountry! Such a great nature and such good food! Especially all kinds of fish (smoked or not...)
Persuasive- I love that word. Have to write one persuasive letter now;-) BUT...
that won´t be my last persuasive piece! Be ready for more!

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