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Curry Wurst


Miniature World

Back home again:-)Every time I fly home I´m glad to live where I´m living although there are many great places out there.

After some days in Hamburg where I saw QM2 I have to clean the flat, iron the shirts,... well, this has to be done, anyway.
Yesterday our flight was delayed because of technical problems:-( One tyre had to be changed (how relaxing to know) and then the air traffic control had technical problems as well.("Computer glitch delays hundreds of flights"-economist.com)
I love computers but yesterday I hated them. Wright brothers didn´t have such problems.

Back to Hamburg- after having seen the world´s largest, highest,...passenger liner we tried to eat many specialities like curry-wurst (sausage with curry), maties (young fish) and other things. I enjoyed eating everything but curry wurst. But I have to try everything to get known with a culture; so I can learn new things and find out what I haven´t missed till now;-) But it´s exciting to experience new stuff.
We also visited Messmer´s Tea World. If you are a "tea-fanatic" you have to check out this page
You´ll find great ínformation there. Worth visiting;-)I bought so much tea there -I couldn´t resist but the cold time will come soon and now I drink enough ice tea;-) Yes, I´m an teamaniac;-)

We also visited Spicy´s museum- the world of spices and herbs- I loved the smell there and I love to use them in the kitchen(and for health reasons;-)

Here some pics from Northern Germany;-)

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