Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What does matter in life?

Hard or easy to answer?

For me it seems to be easy at first sight-

What does matter in life?
#1 Health
#2 Family

... and here the difficulty starts. First doubts...hmm, shall I change #1 and #2?
What´s more important in life?
I leave the order that way because ill I cannot enjoy family life, or?
So, you see it´s not that easy to answer the question.

Better not to number the answers, makes it a lot easier.
So what matters are
-feelings and thoughts (love,..)
-good food and drinks
and this point leads to something else...grammar.

Grammar is an important part of all languages in all communications, isn´t it?
Grammar does matter- or what do you think?

As a Star-Trek fan I was amused to hear a discussion about the last sentence of this introduction
in a linguistic lecture yesterday.
....to boldly go where no man has gone before... So, lets talk about prescriptive vs. descriptive grammar...ok, just kidding. But it was funny to listen to a man, trying to imitate the narrator´s voice of Starship Enterprise;)

Do Sci-Fi Movies matter in life? Ok, I´ll leave it up to you. I want to add more and more points but
I want to read about your thoughts.
What does matter in your life?

Check out that video- worth seeing!Enjoy!!!


  1. what matters to me -- all of above, plus cycling (i guess you could include that under hobbies). thanks for the language video -- i'm going to share it with my class tonight!

  2. Happy to know that some links are useful;) Happy teaching!


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