Thursday, October 13, 2011

What a day!

Have to share my day;)

Story 1

I´m on my way to a meeting.

It´s nearly noon and I´m hungry.
So I buy a bottle of water and 2  wholemeal rolls  in a supermarket.
I prefer a warm and healthy lunch but there are timeswhen I´m happy with that "meal".

There´s an old gentleman in front of me- I have to wait for a minute,
I check the time on my cellphone, ok, I´m relieved, there is
time enough to eat the roll before the meeting but I have to hurry.
So my stomache won´t growl during the discussion, that´s all I think at the moment.

Quickly I take the too big paperbag with 2 rolls in it in the right hand, the bottle of water as well, in the left hand there I squeeze my cellphone between my wallet and the belt of my rucksack.

Ok, hands are made for carrying, feet for walking, I know. And the mouth for eating- not only but in this moment my mouth´s main function is food intake-
as quickly as possible.

I nearly run down the street when I hear a voice beside me.
" Excuse me, madam."
Madam? That´s not me,I´m sure.

"Sorry to interrupt your meal." Again the same voice.
I turn my head and see the old gentleman from the supermarket.

"Your quick walk, actually your lunch besides walking inspired me."
"Hmm." That´s the only sound I can make.
Firstly, Knigge says not to talk with a full mouth.
Secondly, I´m not interested in a conversation, I have to eat and don´t want to be late.
Thirdly, he is not my type and
simply is too old for me.

But I´m a bit curious now. How can I inspire this man?

"I´m just wondering whether it is good for the body to eat while walking or not. What might happen with the saturated fats?"

What? Is he a doctor? I don´t stop eating my roll- he doesn´t stop talking about healthy food and biochemical functions and whatever.
And he goes as quickly as I do.

I turn left, he does the same. Now I know about cholesterol reduced meals.
I turn right to cross the street.
Guess what my lecturing gentleman does?
He follows me to the building I have to enter.
Now I´m curious. Will he follow me again?
Now after 10 minutes this lecture about the human body, food intake and all the biochemical functions has become somehow funny.

How will his lecture end?

I open the door and now he waves and pulls off his hat.
"Good bye!It was a pleasure," he says, smiles and goes away.

I have to wave, too. Just instinctively. "Good bye!" I´m not sure what to think about this event.

Maybe this conversation
although nearly a monologue
made his day.

If so, I´m happy for him.

Story 2

Now it´s after the meeting, I´m back in the city. I sit in my car and have to stop at the red light.
It´s a 2 lane street.Another car stops near me.

I listen to some music. Suddenly I hear a car horn.
I look into the driving mirror- no car behind me.
Again the noise. I turn left. There a man waves and he points at his open
window. He wants me to do the same, so I open my window in order to give him some driving instructions.

But he smiles. he doesn´t seeem to be lost in the city.

After checking the light- it´s still red- I pop my head out of the window to hear the man a bit louder.
"You know a good coffee-shop there?"

While I control the light status I describe the way to the nearest coffee-shop.

"I just want to invite you. Let´s meet there in some minutes." The driver says.

"Thanks. I have no time." I answer with a smile. That has happened once before. I get more and more invitations at traffic lights;) Great to live in a city.

"Just for an expresso. Just 3 minutes!" He doesn´t give up.

"No, sorry!" That´s all I can reply- the light turns green now and we both have to drive away.

What a day......

here is some music.

And watch out, maybe you might be invited at the next traffic light or get a lecture about the human body on your way to work- for free;)

What a day- Whazz, an Austrian band. Enjoy;)

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