Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October- Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A funny dance video with Austrian VIPs-
at the beginning the moderator points at the importance of preventive check-ups.
All women should see their doctor once a year for a mammogram.


  1. We are just going in on Friday to have a mammogram redone. Here's hoping all will turn out well.

  2. Yeah! It's great post, honey!
    I made my mammogram last week. Every year I do.
    It's very important to check up annually.

    Beijos e queijos and... a great weekend!!!

  3. Great that you all think of that!

    I´m glad to be able to reply to your comments again, hope this won´t be a one-day-thing;)

    Wish you a great week and lots of good, enjoyable moments!!


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