Friday, July 23, 2010

My night with Moll;-)

Well, just try to find my way back to "normal" life. After 10 days focused on writing + reading it´s hard to prepare my stuff for short holidays. I´m just tired but have to pack my bags. Funny, I have no clue where to spend my holidays. Fact is my best friend comes with me to...??? Have to find a goal. Greece is too hot- Oslo maybe too far away, I don´t know where to go. Maybe it´s the best to stay in Austria-in the South to be able to visit Italy or Slovenia..we´ll have to discuss that later. Have to visit my sister, water my parents´+ uncle´s plants-all on holiday, have to do so many things and no plan where to start- and no power as well.

During the last days I just was focused on my course- lived in another world once more. I didn´t sleep more than 6 hours each night (too less for me), just stood up, ate something drove to Vienna, started the course, had an 1 hour lunch break-again course, went home, wrote and read,....I nearly had the same rhythm every day, nearly...except my night with Moll.

I spent nearly the whole night on reading , summarizing and responding to an article of Moll. It wasn´t an easy one but interesting (Lessons from Research with language minority children). But it was also a night when I nearly hit the wall and I had to overcome my fear of not getting it done in time. I knew I could do it but the pressure of not having enough time for work had been enormous in this night. I´ll never forget this night- went to bed at 1 in the morning and stood up at 4.30. It was hard but at least I did it! And after seeing may graded work I was glad to have spent so much time on that assignment.
So- hard work pays off!
But don´t ask me how I got through the day...

Now 2 weeks without course- but I have to do 4 assignments for the next block-starting in just 2 weeks. I have no idea, when and how and where I´ll write and read-but I´ll do it. Good feedback motivated me enough to do it. But now-that´s for sure I have to have some days off.

So have a good time, enjoy the summer and keep writing;-)

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