Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot, hotter, hottest

Wow- now it´s really summer - 95°F today!!!! Too hot for everything-except installing my new freezer. (no joke- it had to be done because it was delivered today and P. and O. helped me.Gladly!) It was so hot in the room, horrible thing to do in the heat but I had great help. We nearly spent more than 3 hours on installing the freezer but now we´re done and it works!

Time to prepare thing for the next course-beginning tomorrow.It´ll be again so hot, we have to sit in the same small old,...... room as always.
Have to think positive- I´m looking forward to starting the block, to meeting all the folks there and I´ll need no umbrella;-) Yeah!

A picture of yesterday´s Bike race final- Tour of Austria. Taken in Vienna(Ringstraße). Whish I would be so sporty;-)

So, time to finish my work- have a good one!
And stay cool in the heat!


  1. How do one stay cool in the heat??? Please tell me, hurry....
    anjoe, from the island Lolland in Denmark


Thanks for spending some time on writing your comment- wish you a happy day;-)