Sunday, July 4, 2010

Save the Dialect

Well, I´m glad about having a laptop but sometimes it doesn´t work the way I want. Had to republish yesterday´s post because I lost my comment-link. It´s not that important but I like things to work.

Yesterday I transcribed something recorded from dialect into standard language and then translated it as well. My oh my, that was a challenge. I use both in my daily life-dialect and standard language and I think that´s important. Everybody should be able to talk in both forms. Some people refuse to use dialect because they believe it devalues their position in social life. I think the more languages you kow the better you´ll understand life. And it´s up to you where and when to use which language.

Many of my friends speak dialect but raise their kids only in standard language. They don´t want their children to use the language of their region. That´s a pitty. They are loosing a part of their culture. They don´t understand dialect poems or songs any longer.

Maybe there´ll be a comeback of dialect someday. Instead of animals maybe the dialect will be worth protecting. So, save the dialect;-)

To honor the dialect here the inofficial Austrian Hymn and Fendrich. Enjoy!


  1. Well stated, indeed.
    I agree, they are losing a part of themselves and their history.
    To what specific dialect are you referring, may I ask?

  2. To an Austrian one;-)but this one can be replaced by each dialect worldwide to support my opinion.I think every culture looses a bit of identity by not using the dialect form.


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