Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Springtime Lethargy

Springtime lethargy! Are you tired as well? I nearly cannot stand up in the morning, in the afternoon it´s hard to to my job and then I go to bed so early! Like a very long jetlag....Hope it´s over soon.

Need to post this blossoms--reminds me of warmer weather some weeks ago. Today- just cold , windy and some snowflakes. Yes, it´s that cold again here!

But therefore I finished revising my assignment! Thank God! Now I have time to revise my other 2 novel drafts;) LOL!!! Ok, I need some time for doing nothing but sleeping. As I said before- springtime lethargy!

The fitting music in this case: Brahms Lullaby, oh, sweet childhood memories;))

So,  enjoy Brahms´ music and sleep well! I ´ll do that;)


  1. Ah... it's always good to come here... even with all your springtime lethargy, you can forward me good vibes, honey.
    Here is a nice autumn... a little of everything every day... rain, sun and cool afternoon.

    I loved the music... I also remembered my childhood... delicious childhood... I had wonderful childhood!

    I work all day... evening, little time left for me... only on the weekend.

    Glad you managed to revise the first job. Now there's more... more? Oh! My God... I wish you courage and willingness. ^,^

    Beautiful flowers! Beautiful! I love flowers. Thank you.

    I see you again soon as I can.
    Beijos and queijos, flowers, warm hugs and love.

  2. always good to see you here as well;)

    to my revisions- the finished oone I had to do- but the 2 other novel drafts are part of my spare time activities. So, if I don´t want and have time I won´t revise. That´s my freedom;)I want to revise my drafts´but I am not a good writer. So revisions take a long, long time. I hope to finish them in some years;) maybe, with luck and discipline (which I don´t have all the time;)))
    looking forward to your next visit;) enjoy your day and take care;)

  3. You are so busy writing all the time - no wonder you're tired. Congratulations on revising the assignment! Hope you get a bit of rest now.

    This is a beautiful springtime image and I hope the weather warms up for you soon.

  4. Hi Kala! Thanks for stopping by;) and for your support! Well, I´m not writing all the time but this year I´ve written a lot- more than I´ve ever done before;) So it´s good to have some days of now;))))))
    I hope the weather will get better here--it´s hailing! But it´s April! Hope your weather is better! Good weekend for you and yours!


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