Saturday, April 16, 2011

I just felt in love

with that tree. I recently came home from a walk through the park and saw that awesome tree. I had to post it. Isn´t it gorgeous?

Enjoy your day;)


  1. WOW! It really is wonderful!
    A painting for the eyes.
    Have a beautiful day too, honey!
    Beijos and... love.

  2. I told you about my walk today- that´s the result, I love the color! Your quote "painting for the eye" is great;) and that´s what I was thinking about it , too;))
    Here another link for you- sooo cute;)
    Love, mARTy

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh this rabbit is really beautiful! I've used it in the beginning ! You didn't see... I'll put it back then! ^,^
    Thank you, honey! Enjoy these days of flowers and colors! Rest your mind and feel the beauty of life!
    A special beijo for someone even more special: YOU!!!

  4. Really, you have chosen this one at the beginning? I really missed it.
    So, another try:
    hope this one is new to you;)otherwise you´ll get this:

    ;)) Good evening, Teca.

  5. AhhhhhhhhhhhhhO
    Tambor, Bambi's friend! I love these little creatures of Walt Disney!
    mARTy, tonight I'll change the rabbit again... I'll put this one you gave me today that I have set up a time.
    I'm too tired now, I'll take the opportunity to rest... :))
    A huge beijo!
    Good Sunday, honey!

  6. what an amazing tree! :) perfect photo opportunity! Thanks for the visit and the lovely comment.

  7. Hi Teca--I just saw the new pic;)Have a happy Sunday;)Love mARTy

    Hi ROxy- I always try to make revisits. Nice to see you here again;)Happy day for you as well.


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