Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vienna in spring!

Again a great spring day in Vienna! Perfect light and temperature! And people everywhere- even in the
gras in the park! ( In these parks -Stadtpark e.g.-it´s forbidden to go on the lawn) It´s great to see people there- so the scenery is so full of life! Reminded me a bit of Central Park;) although I don´t know whether it´s forbidden to be on the lawn or not)
This time I was happy about the trip to a doctor ;)))))- so I could take many great pictures and enjoy the sun there. Next posts will include  flowers, flowers and other spring impressions again.
Springtime in Vienna is simply perfect!
Enjoy the sun (hopefully) and your day!


  1. I'm tired, honey, but could not stop coming here!
    Everything is so beautiful in Vienna! A wonderful place indeed!
    What a sky so blue, how many people join, what a beautiful early spring! Marvellous!
    Thank you for the flowers. They are magnificent!

    Beijos e queijos with lots of flowers and love.

  2. The last shot of the cherry blossoms is gorgeous!

  3. I love the last photo as well! Wishing you all a beautiful spring!

  4. WOW its nice pictures.

    Thank you.


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