Saturday, March 19, 2011

Super Full Moon- March 19

Damn! Not a chance to see the super- full moon today. It will be the biggest in 20 years! But it´s cloudy and rainy here;((( Maybe some other bloggers will have more luck with their observation.


  1. I began to see a beautiful moon in the sky, but with a lot of clouds around. Now, it's raining and there was a full moon night!
    Who has not seen the super moon... can still see: 17/04/11; 15/05/11; 11/06/11, first half of the year.
    Of course, the apparent disk of the earth and the distance will be smaller. The moon was huge even today!

    Beijos, honey! And love.

  2. Lucky you! Have to wait till April to see it- but not as big as yesterday.

  3. Ah... It doesn't make much difference in size. See the image data in Portuguese:


    Today dawned cloudy. I think later I can walk by the river! \o/ \o/

    Beijos e queijos, honey!
    Great Sunday to you and yours.

  4. I saw it but didn't get a photo. Have a great week!

  5. Teca and Kala--I saw the moon yesterday ( although it wasn´t a real full moon) but couldn´t get a good photo as well;) Anyway, today I could see some stars-the sky wasn´t couldy anymore. Have a great week!


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