Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brain Twister;))))

Today´s weather was so bad;( Windy and rainy- so I couldn´t take photos outdoors; but!!!
I created another cake- this time with some cacao and white chocolate liqueur;) Yummy!!!!
Always the same with cakes in my surroundings...they often are eaten within 2 days;)
But now to my cake-shape -riddle:
Which animal can you see there???
Ok, enough for today- have a good one!

P.S.: Ok, I´ll help you- it´s a rabbit;)))


  1. Animal? Ahahahaha
    You're funny, honey!
    Looks delicious... Hmm... warm is good, right? With coffee... but I bet you drank tea. :))
    Impressive as your enthusiasm is contagious...
    Good Sunday, honey!
    Beijos e queijos, cakes, coffee and flowers! ^,^

  2. You haven´t seen my rabbit? The tail, the long ears,..;))Lol
    I drank tea AND coffee- need coffee in the morning sometimes to wake up. I just had breakfast here, have to work a bit. What about you? Any walks planned?
    So, this time not only beijos e queijos- some cake as well;) (What´s the name for cake?) Enjoy your day, my friend!

  3. Do you know this pet?


    I saw this animal on your cake. :))
    We call Porquinho-da-Índia, I don't know how to say in English. Guinea pig?

    Last night I went for a stroll on the riverside. It was a very pleasant evening. Do you believe that when I went to sleep, it rained all night?
    Today dawned cloudy and later I will give another turn. I've been out to buy fruits and something else to fill the house for the week.
    Well... I think it's just for a while. :))
    A beautiful Sunday to you and yours, honey.
    Beijos e queijos with all you want. ;)

  4. Hahahaa-difficult to write my laughter down;)))) yeah, it´s a guinea pig- but the rabbit has longer ears, so compare it to the cake- ok, have to stop now.
    I think, we both have the same weather-
    rainy;(((( but the sun will come!!! It´s my way to motivate myself. Because maybe I believe in my writing if I repeat it again and again. The sun will come soon, the rain will stop,....:))))
    I hate that kind of weather!!!!!
    Good to know that bad weather isn´t just here:)
    so. have a great day!


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