Thursday, March 24, 2011

Finally Spring!!

Isn´t that a great park? So many crocuses; I haven´t seen so many at one place before.
The first flower Photos of spring 2011! Today I nearly couldn´t stop taking pictures. The light in the park was great and much more flowers are blooming than expected. So you´ll find some more flowers in my other blog. Enjoy the spring(or fall) with all the beautiful colors! Have a good one;)


  1. Yay! Those crocus are gorgeous! Love the shot of the snow drops too.

  2. I especially love the 5. photo- have a good weekend! I´m looking forward to seeing your next photos, Kala;)

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhh
    We got the fall, but I can delight myself with the spring through the photos of my blogging friends! :))
    Here cooled a little, but the sun came out earlier today and it did not rain anymore, so I could finally take a ride on the riverside. I did that tonight when I got home from work.
    Now I feel better... even more to see your photos. ^,^
    I also liked the fifth picture!

    Have a beautiful weekend, honey!
    Beijos e queijos and...

  4. Teca-- fall also has beautiful things to discover. I posted some relaxing music, so enjoy Vivaldi and have a good weekend, beijos, queijos and much sun!

  5. Hi, honey! I know that autumn has beautiful things. I also love this season... very colorful leaves fall to the ground and cheer up the sidewalks. :))
    Later I read your other post and hear the music...
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Many beijos e queijos with joy and love.


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