Sunday, March 27, 2011

Re-, re-, re-.....

Reading, rewriting- revising... that will be my job for the next hours.
At the moment I have troubles with the "re-". I love to write and read my draft but after a time, it gets hard and harder.
I try to avoid the word "boring" because that wouldn´t fit.
But the "re- process" isn´t as thrilling as the actual act of composing for me.

What an insight, isn´t it? Lol;))))

So, today will be a challenge- I have to reread my assignment, rethink some expressions and paragraphs, rewrite some sentences- have to revise my draft.

Why is it so difficult to do the "re-thing"? I mean for me? I know other people who don´t seem to have problems in revising drafts. Some are able to do revisions again and again. I wish to have their skills, their patience, sometimes.

And here I am now, blogging -instead of revising. Here I can create something new; even if it doesn´t interest anyone but me;))) The writing is  "new", sometimes I get comments on this writing, get feedback.
Maybe that´s the problem with revising other drafts.

Not just maybe, it´s a fact that a lack of feedback doesn´t help to increase intrinsic motivation.
Ok, explaining this doesn´t help me to go on with my revisions. I have known this before...

Maybe I just have to think of my future readers. (Will I have some?) I want them to have fun with my writings; I want them to get new insights. Maybe these thoughts provide enough motivation for revising my writing now...hopefully.

Ok, ready, steady and go.
Go and revise.

ok, I´ll do that now, till next time;)


  1. Reread
    Revive... uffffffffffff!

    ♫♫°º •*• ♫° ·.♫♫°°º♫

    I turned to leave you a big hug from strength to make you much success with your writings!


    I loved the flower you posted today!

  2. LOL!!!!!!! You´re cool! Cannot stop laughing at the moment;))) and so I forget about that bad weather out there!
    Next time I´ll post some crocus- took so many pictures 3 days ago;)
    Thanks for your support;)Have a good Sunday, Teca- with lots of colored leaves on your walk.

  3. I know exactly what you mean--I've been putting off my revising work for too long and must get back. For now, the weather is helping, because it's too cold to go outside. So I actually did some work yesterday, and I'm preparing for some more today. Thanks for all your encouragement, and for the gorgeous photos. Something to look forward to, with each of your posts. Keep working, and you'll be done before you know it!

  4. what are you writing? I am also writing a book, same thing here, I get distracted and blog instead.

  5. Part of why I think blogging is so great is because you get to interact with people.

    The tough part with the re-writes of the draft is, as you said, you don't get feedback. It's kind of a solitary process, yes?

    Please keep us posted on how you are doing with the book mARTy!

  6. Teca, Ann, Eli and Kala! Great to see you all here! I have never got more feedback from different people on a post on this blog before;)) Cool! Thanks;)

    Eli--I´m happy about your visit here;)and I have to keep your last sentence in mind!!!I do admire your self-discipline concerning all your writings;)Wish I could do it in the same way but I think I´m only able to write for hours during NaNoWriMo. What´s your secret??
    Have a great week and fun with your revisions!

    Ann--it´s so encouraging to know that many other people are forced with the same problems in writing. It´s a good feeling to be not the only one struggling with revisions;) I try to revise my draft I wrote during NaNoWriMo-National Novel Writing Month. A story about a young Native American and his cultural fight; fight between his tribe´s traditions and his life in today´s modern society. What is yours about? Have a great day;)

    Kala--your first statement is true. That´s one reason why I like blogging, too;) And revising is a solitary process- most of the time. But I have great writing buddies and now blogging friends like you as well who encourage me to go on and ask about my draft. That´s encouraging and i need that. Otherwise it would be very hard to revise without being able to talk/write about the writing process.
    I wish you a great week! Looking forward to your next post;)


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